Optimal use of time to improve our preformance

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I recently read a post by my friend @unbiasedwriter that he has entitled Give up on something to go higher!, in which at some point in his post he leaves the following sentence:

I have to reduce something in order to grow into something new!

I said to myself, why would I have to give up something to be able to move on to something else, and although the simple answer would be, because I have to dedicate more time to that other thing I want to develop, it really led me to a reflection in terms of optimizing time, prioritizing activities based on what we need most at that particular moment in our lives.



I am particularly always doing many things, apart from my usual work, I spend hours on internet activities, the activity in my blog is intense, I practically do not stop publishing any day, I rarely stop answering any comment, and we all know that this requires time. But apart from that I'm learning trading, something that I like, but I had to stop, I felt bad about it, because I want to learn it well, but there are other things I have to do and to which I have had to devote more time, and set aside for a few days what is learning trading.

But, organizing time is more than vital in our lives, because otherwise we can end up truly exhausted and underperforming. Knowing what we want is an important and necessary point to establish priorities and obviously, know what is essential. We can't cover as much as we want, for that reason I agree when @unbiasedwriter says "I have to reduce something in order to grow in something new ", it's logical, we only have 24 hours in our days, and every hour counts, we can't put aside rest, this is a call of attention that I make to myself, because in case I'm not enough to sleep, and sometimes I need it and yet I don't do it.

I've learned a lot this year, not only because we've been in difficult times, or maybe I have, but I'm looking for some options to generate passive income, and I've achieved some things, that's something important, because I can dedicate more time to things I like while I don't have to worry about basic expenses. But, yes, I've had to give up some things to be able to develop in others...

And to you something similar has happened?

I'd like to read them in the comments.

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Thank you a lot for support.

Thanks for mentioning my article, and glad to be of inspiration! Keep up in the constant fight to grow, and by the way, you just inspired me for a new article as you write about generating passive income. I might have to think some more about it before I actually write it, but it might come :)

Good, I will be waiting for that post on passive income, take as long as necessary, there are issues that flow fast, others not so much. Thank you for commenting.

Hello @josevas217 I think it's a good point, sometimes we must sacrifice something to get something else, we want to do many things at once but unfortunately we can not multiply. It is necessary to rest to be able to continue with the objectives.

Yes, it is necessary to rest, important point. I must consider it much more.
Thanks for your comment @franyeligonzalez

Time is what we have in abundance and at the same time we have it in scarity. We have many things we are engage with daily and we just need to do and maximize time.

Time is infinite, but not for each of us, it passes very quickly, especially when we are doing activities.
But the optimal use of it is something we must emphasize.

is an important part of having an org and create a discipline, so you can reach the goal.

Discipline is essential to achieve what we set out to do. Without a doubt.

These days it just seem like time keeps flying fast, I got on a new project today and it has really been a tasking one for me, the day is far spent and I still haven't written my blog post, but I know I need to plan myself properly tomorrow in order to achieve a better result.

Every start is difficult, and if you also have other things to do, you can make it more complicated, but you have to organize yourself, and I know that undoubtedly it will be difficult, you will have to sacrifice something, but you can.
Good luck with this new project @oluwatobiloba.

Had several thoughts in reading your post. I like that you furthered the inspiration of your friend. And wanting to add to this, I finally settled on your use of of exhaustion. Certainly, when it comes to time, those that strive to perform need a methodical and efficient use of their time dedicated toward pursuits they deem most important. We can't treat everything the way a computer does in the form of accounting. When striving to perform, one must consider the unknown and therefore delegating time for effort becomes a valued resource.

Like you rightly mentioned it might not come easily but with a right decision, we will indeed get to cover up on so many activities before even realizing it, the decision to also hold up on some task will help a lot as well.

Growth is an essential master piece and that is the reason why time has to be greatly valued on a regular basis and taken advantage of

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