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RE: What does Just Swap exchange going live and Just-Steem partnership mean to Steem holders?

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I think we should start by educating and educating ourselves more about what DeFi is and the possibilities of use. In order for there to be really great use of these services. I still don't know the role of steem in all this, they haven't been clear on what's coming, at least it hasn't been clear so far for me. Many of us are still waiting for what comes, for what the official accounts might say about it. We all want a much higher price for steem, obviously, time will tell. Thank you for sharing your point of view @shortsegments


Hello @josevas217

I agree there are many questions and a lot of excitement, but I agree that the Big Question is what does this mean for Steem?


Yes @shortsegments, that's a great detail, because everything is heading towards TRON, and that's fine, but what about or will happen to Steem in all this? I still don't see what all this brings for Steem, we can only hope, and in a hopeful way, that everything will impact favorably towards this platform.

I think Steem Community brings something to Tron community and ecosystem that Tron doesn’t have.
I don’t know that much about Tron to answer that question, but the GitHub activity would suggest that Tron token is coming to the Steem wallet, along with a link to the Just platform. I will look for any published analysis of the effect of a listing on Uniswap on the Token projects who used it as a pathway into the MakerDao ecosystem on Ethereum, The charts of their Token prices may be revealing.