Starting the year and thinking about securing my investments

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Hello dear STEEMIT community, around here reappearing after taking a couple of days away from everything, it was good to do it because the mind clears up a little and comes with renewed energy, ready to continue sharing content with all those who read me. I hope you all had a great end of the year and this one we are starting comes with new expectations, new challenges and great successes.

I am starting the year with big, big goals, and I will be achieving them in an organized way, without despair, digesting each one of them, and with all the intention of advancing regardless of how hard this year may come.

I will continue betting on the growth of crypto-world, but in a very organized, thought out and planned way. We are starting the year with a big increase in the price of Bitcoin, for those of us who have been able to gather even a little bit we know that the benefits have been good, what we don't know is how long it will continue to advance?


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Today, talking to some friends who had a good investment in Bitcoin through a company called Mirror Trading International (MTI), they gave me the sad news that they were swindled and this company with more than 21,000 BTC left... more than 600 million dollars at the current price, this seemed very bad to me, really bad. These are the things that make many people stay away from investing in Cryptocurrencies.

After more than a year of perfect operation, time in which users had access to their earnings, but not to their funds. They could withdraw daily if they wished, if no inconvenience arose, the least that is expected is that such a situation would occur. Much less with a registered company, with everything I read. But it did happen.


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There is no doubt that there is a lot to mature in terms of investments in cryptocurrencies. Basically, this company that I mentioned to you, what it did was basically to use the funds provided to it to make trading, it had a good organization and distribution of the profits, however, the funds were not at the hand of the investors, I know that this is the way this works, in order to make trading or any investor the funds must leave your management, and this could scare in a certain way, it is a little risky, always is all investment.

This led me to think about several things, which I want to highlight here:

  • Smart contracts: With DeFi it has become evident how important these contracts can be for one to keep "safe" and with us our funds, while making an investment. Generate cash flow in any project DeFi allows you to have control, and withdraw your capital when you want. It is a great point in favor, really.
  • Wallet de Steemit: This is a great example of how we can keep our funds safe, as long as we have a good handle on our keys, if we make a delegation at any time to any account we could withdraw it and have our voting power back in a few days, which in the end is our capital.

This wallet gives us the option of saving, plus we have several days to withdraw it, which gives us a higher level of security.
There is a great problem in human beings, we almost always want more for less, in good measure this is true for everyone, investing in this platform must be seen as a medium and long term plan, which will allow us to constantly see an increase in our voting power which in turn translates into greater profits.

Although the monthly or annual return is little in comparison to other projects, we must weigh the level of security we have, don't you see it that way?

I'd like to read what you think about it.

Thank you very much for reading me.

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I'm sure you'll do great, dear @josevas217! You have to move carefully because not all that glitters is gold.

I was part of the investors swindled by MTI; I lost about 0.195 BTC that I had achieved with a lot of work and effort.

This far from taking me away from the crypto world, only gives me more strength to start over again from scratch.

With effort, dedication and a lot of care I will be able to recover again the lost capital.

Big hug my friend! I wish you a year full of success!

Hello brother @pablo1601
Yes, unfortunately you have had that great loss, but in spite of everything, there is always a great learning curve.
It is good to know that you are still in the mood to grow in this cryptographic world.
This way to the order in which it is possible, you know it.
We are talking, and evolving.

It is important to start the year on the right foot, and for that it is a good start by making good investments, I hope you get your business done in a successful way my friend @josevas217

So is @sandracarrascal
Start off on the right foot, so that nothing stops us.

Well i belive in diversity and i am really sorry to hear about your friends. I have not planned anything yet but one thing i want to say that i will focus on learning more things. Thanks for the advices.

Actually yes, it is very unfortunate what happened. One of them is in a debt that he acquired to invest in it, because he had already one year working well, he was left without capital and in debt, very difficult. Really,

Greetings friend @josevas217, I hope you received a happy new year. Thank you for sharing your friends' experience, no doubt there are many projects that end badly and that is not good for the massive implementation of cryptomonies. But we have to keep learning and moving carefully. Thank you for your advice.

Yes, you can learn from that. Although they say no one learns from mistakes or situations of others, but I am sure they do. In this case, for me it works in a good way.

That's one of the risk in Cryptocurrency investment. One can wake up and suddenly discover that boom the finds has been hacked or they have been scammed

This is tremendous, when something like that happens, it's terrible, something similar has also happened to me, and although I didn't lose as much as that, it was disconcerting.

Greetings my dear @ josevas217.

Without a doubt in the world of crypto-currencies it's surprising for the variety of options you can have. However, in many cases it is scary to make large investments in this type of economy per incident like the one you mention. Thank you for the information you provide us to guide us to continue more attentive to the type of transactions that we make in the block chains.

There are many options, I would say too many, but not all are good options.
You have to know how to choose, study everything very well, but even so, unexpected things can happen.

It is a real shame the loss of that capital, but I remember having that conversation with you, about the dangers of giving a third party the BTC's that we find so difficult to accumulate, personally I have been swindled in different ways so my faith for those companies is limited, personally I think it is preferable to give the BTC to a friend and monitor the account to see the results if they are favorable both will win but if it is not favorable can intervene in time, of all forms of investment that is one of the safest I can recommend.

Yes, you learn from these things. It's a shame really. In 2019 I was swindled by someone I knew for more than 20 years, someone I helped in many ways, and yet he did it, it's hard to trust, but, still, you have to invest but find a way not to risk so much

Investment is great but even having those funds secured is going to help a lot and make investing much more interesting.