Technology has changed the way we work today

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Hello community of Project Hope, I hope that your week is progressing well, that you are taking care of what you need and that you have enough work to satisfy your daily needs. And precisely about work is what I want to talk about, this is a concept that has been changing in a very fast way in the last decades, technology has allowed new ways of work to be created, and with the emergence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, there has been a big jump in this aspect, this is what I want to talk about next.

I invite you to continue reading this publication, so that we can know if we agree on the vision of it.

I start with the following question:

Do you consider that someone that I dedicated the day to sitting in front of the computer doing technical analysis of cryptocurrencies, because he is dedicated to trading is a worker?



By general culture, there are those who, in order to say that someone is working, need to see him/her sweating, making great efforts, and do not consider a job like the one I mentioned before (Trading) as a job, the same happens with some other workers like bank agents, writers, etc.

It happened to me in particular, that because I was in the office, taking care of patients, I was told that I was making easy money... well, I think a comment like that shows great ignorance.

Let's see, for example, those who work with cryptocurrencies, have had to spend a lot of time to understand the functioning of the market, to be able to deduce from an analysis if a price is going to go down or go up. It is required to obtain a great amount of requirements that allow you to succeed in that area, which of course is not for everyone, so, that has its value, the knowledge and the information.

Any person can write, but that it is pleasant and that it contributes something for the person who reads it already implies other things, and that neither is for everybody, it implies a set of skills that allow him/her to develop that work.

But, there is an awareness that heavy and strong work must be paid more for that very reason, because it implies effort, but, I debate it with whomever. To be able to carry out tasks that imply a great degree of reasoning and application of knowledge that you have previously acquired in your academic formation of years, should deserve your recognition, even if you execute your work from an office or a park.

Things have changed dramatically, that view that work must be heavy and physically exhausting is now a thing of the past. Of course, this type of work still exists, and it must also be well paid because it often involves many health risks, but, technology has made new forms of work exist now, that you can easily do from the comfort of your home to the brakes of the PC, and even from your own cell phone.

So, if you can make a decent income from the comfort of your own home and without much effort, why not do it? Why not consider it work? At least that's my impression.

I would like to know what you think about what I have proposed in this publication, you can leave your opinion in the comments, I will know how to value it.

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Good article. We are reframing work, and trading is a part of my income stream as well.

Hello @josevas217.

I hope that technological advances can always change our lives in a sustainable way in the future. Greetings my dear friend and thank you for sharing such a good post.

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@tipu curate

Hello friend @josevas217

You are quite right, most people are used to work very hard for long hours, and if this is not the case, it does not imply a great work, but as you say, there is still much ignorance, besides, there are those who do not even know the world of cryptomonies.

Gone are the days when jobs have to be more of physical tasking exercises, things are pretty much easier now all that is required from us is to get productive from the comfort of our homes.

good article, is a way of thinking inherited from the industrial era where the days were long and where the main source of social income accepted was the work in the industry that is our case was pdvsa

I am really grateful for the opportunity to work remotely, I can sit at my business place and still run steemit and hive at the same time.

Funny enough, before the pandemic my Dad would always insult me for regularly sticking to my system for a long time but he realized the importance during the coronavirus lock down and that I had something to do during that total lockdown meant so much to me.

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