The importance of controlling our emotions

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"Unexpressed emotions never die. They are buried alive and come out later in worse forms.." Sigmund Freud

Hello community, I hope you all have a very good day, and that the week that is going on is being very productive. Today I would like to share some psychological reflections based on the previous phase of the psychologist Sigmund Freud, who really was very controversial when expressing his thoughts about what he believed sustains a good part of human behavior.

Of course, he lived in a society in which by the "traditional of the prevailing cultures " he was very judged, however, that is not what I want to talk about but about emotions, considering the importance they have in our lives.

Well, he issued that phrase at the beginning of the last century, and a few decades ago, at the end of the twentieth century, many psychologists and scholars of the subject concluded that the control of emotions is a determinant in our social relationships and added some terms such as "Emotional Intelligence ", which by the way, is currently increasingly entrenched and has become a separate and undoubtedly transcendental area in the field of human psychology.



It is noteworthy, and I think everyone will agree with me, that when we relate to each other our emotions can play for or against us, and that many of the difficulties that arise daily are generated mainly by poor emotional control, by the fact of not properly channeling the way and the intensity in which we express them.

And when I talk about control, I don't mean by this that the ideal thing to do is to keep quiet, since this, rather, with the passage of time may cause that when we no longer want to keep quiet, the way in which we express our emotions may be exaggerated, due to the fact of accumulating them.

Even, the presence of some diseases has been related to specific types of emotions, which are the ones that most frequently occur in a person. I particularly think that we cannot ignore our emotions, because we live feeling them, the point is that we must learn to channel them, to express them in their respective moment, but not in an impulsive way, but rather to be aware that they are normal.



Many of the emotions even served our ancestors to be able to survive, this is a sample of its importance in us as a species, however, it is transcendental to be able to control them, not to accumulate them, but to express them, always filtering them with respect in our social relationships, and surely we can use them to our advantage.

Is it difficult? yes, it can be, but as animals of habit that we are, it is worth trying, it is something that we can learn and make it a habit, since it will bring us many benefits not only from the social point of view but also in our emotional and physical health. For now I will say goodbye, and I will close with the same sentence I started with, so that it will be the last thing you remember to have read in this publication.

"Unexpressed emotions never die. They are buried alive and come out later in worse forms.." Sigmund Freud

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hello @josevas217,
There is a theory that says that illnesses of the body are related to emotions that have not been expressed, in short if a person fails to responsibly express their emotions their body will reflect those emotions in the form of an illness. On the other hand, many people suffer from personality disorders caused by poor emotional management

Hello @ramsesuchiha
In fact they are more than theories, there are many studies that prove it, that direct relationship between poorly controlled emotional and bodily health or disease. Thanks for commenting.

 3 months ago 

It's hard not to agree with you @josevas217

Unfortunatelly we often do not control our emotions and often we seem to like to feed them. With more anger or more sadness. And allowing them to control us instead.

I strongly believe, that in order to take full control over our emotions we need to learn to understand them in the first place. To know where those emotions are coming from and how do we feel about those emotions: do we consider them beautiful or toxic for us?

Resteemed already. Upvote on the way,
Yours, Piotr

Thanks for the support @crypto.piotr, certainly, to consider emotions as if they were forgiveness within us is something that some people mention, but, the reality is that they are simply a part of us, and the logical thing would be to learn to control them, not that they control us ourselves

Nice read! I completely agree with you, we shouldn't just keep holding our emotions inside us because at some point it will all go out at once which usually will put us in a regrettable situation, also we shall think twice before letting our emotions so we can still be respectful for the people around us or the ones we are holding our emotions to.

Emotions must be controlled, which is not the same as suppressing them, the latter can make us sick.
But, it is a process that we must live and make it conscious.
Thank you for commenting @lennyblogs

As always, really good writing and content @josevas217 - I applaud the fact that you are talking about really important matters, eventhough it is not as trandy as "Crypto, Covid, infflation, etc. etc.) It would be really good, in my opinion, that you add a site where people can take a quick course or at least a decent youtube video, with emotion controll techniques, in order to improve their EQ/ EI. Firther more, the importance of what you wrote, leads me to suggest your readers, to try and do some tests (personality mainly) like Myer Briggs, since I am certain that a better knowledge of oneselve is criticall to udnerstanding our tickers and how to control emotions. Great article again!!

Hello @davidgutre
Thank you very much for your kind comment. I must say that I am focused on breathing, I think this is crucial for emotional control,knowing our body, learning, while breathing, to identify those points that cause us discomfort or psychological and emotional comfort, is very important, as it is what allows us to learn to recognize those moments in which we could "explode" and fall ....
Thank you for the suggestions.