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"Most people spend more time and energy talking about problems than solving them." Henry Ford

That phrase that I share is such a strong truth, most of the time, that hardly anyone can say no to it. In general terms, this habit in many people can go hand in hand with the habit of postponing everything for another day, and they might find in this of investing time in talking about a problem instead of solving it- the perfect excuse to keep postponing.

It often happens that we avoid facing problems, it can be understood, since it is uncomfortable to have to do everything possible to make some situations stop being uncomfortable, or that it is not a limitation, but nevertheless it is necessary to face them and solve them.

Because wanting to advance in something without resolving that situation that caused discomfort is like walking with a weight, which will undoubtedly limit our progress. So, without thinking so much about it, problems are to be solved. Of course, it is not about acting impulsively, with annoyance to solve the situation from anger, natural logic says that aggression brings more aggression.


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Then, in order to solve the problems, we must use logic and make use of our emotional intelligence, if it is something that could escape from our hands, we should seek the support of someone who is prepared to assume this situation, also that is part of our growth and self-knowledge, to recognize that we cannot solve everything.

Assuming that we can make mistakes, maybe it is one of those things that we do not like, and it is understood, since we were little we learned that it is not about correcting mistakes but about not making mistakes, is there anything more unnatural than that?, In schools the best thing is not to make mistakes, because otherwise we will fail... logic says that we will always make mistakes, even without having a great degree of awareness, when we are very small, the process of learning to walk is a continuous trial/error. And it is only with the passage of time that we learn to walk, run, jump, etc, only after we have fallen many times, so getting it wrong is OK, it is something that teaches us.

In short, we must stop wasting time just talking about problems or avoiding them, let's get down to work to solve them, and dedicate our efforts to learn from what we did wrong so we don't fall into the same thing again.

Thank you very much for reading my post.

Happy weekend.

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Hello @josevas217, We must certainly attack the problems, we must spend more time finding the solution instead of talking about them.

And avoiding problems can lead to worse problems, this is complex.

See you soon..!

Hello friend @josevas217

Avoiding instead of facing problems can be a valid behavior that seeks to be in balance without generating shocks, from my point of view one thing is to act in a moderate and respectful way, and quite another is not to face the problems, I think we should release our burdens deliberating the things that produce negative energies, stay or keep the problems is not healthy.

Best regards, be well.

Totally agree, every problem has one or several possible solutions, what we need is to focus on seeing the solutions. It is not easy or pleasant in many cases to face the problems but it is necessary to move forward. When you avoid problems they don't disappear, they only get bigger.

When a problem come their is a solution also inside that problem we need to just have a cool head and think about it your problem will be solved easily. Nothing is impossible in this world.

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