Project Hope 1000 Subscribers - My Introduction to PH by @juanmolina

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We have reached our
Golden Milestone!!!
We thank the Trust Deposited in Us.

At Project Hope we feel Happy and we want to express our gratitude to all our subscribers, writers, collaborators, delegators and friends who form the train of force that moves our passion.

We have grown yes, but this is possible thanks to you.

Every day more subscribers join us who give us their talent expressed in many high quality daily posts.

1000 Subscribers is easy to say, but behind this goal is a story of effort and perseverance which is reaching its Golden Milestone today!

To all of you: BIG THANKS!


My Introduction in Project Hope Community

I want to formally introduce myself to the members of our Community.
My name is Juan Molina, I am Venezuelan, husband and father of two children.
I am a Systems Engineer and I love music, informatics and technology.

Two years ago I entered Steemit and first heard the word "Blockchain". Then, with my entries in the @originalworks contests, I was able to educate myself about it.

Perhaps many of you have already had the opportunity to interact with me, perhaps you have received some comment from me. I hope I haven't been rude to any of you, but sometimes my character dominates me.

If you look at the in the description of my Role in the community, you may notice that it says "Co-Founder".

And you will ask yourselves: how did this Venezuelan become co-founder of this community so especially loved by Steemit users?

I can tell you that it has been a path full of challenges and at the same time full of satisfactions.

I did a retrospective of how the events happened and this led me to a moment that I wanted to share with you.

Rummaging Into Memories.

This is one of the most important moments in my life:

Origin Thread

This was my first contact with @crypto.piotr. I will always thank destiny for having met him since this fact changed my life in a totally positive way.

Many people received those first greetings and comments from Piotr but few of us paid attention to him.

At that time He just wanted to meet people, start creating his circle of contacts. Fortunately, I believed in those messages and thus began a relationship of friendship and work that has lasted to this day.

There was no Project Hope, at least not as it is now. Can you believe that PH was two people?

"Project Hope"

ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

After having spent 8 months doing certain activities with Piotr trying to meet and get closer to more people within steemit, the idea emerged to create a community made up mainly of Venezuelans, who sharing similar interests could create quality content, add value to the blockchain and at the same time improve our quality of life.

Maybe it all started with this post:

Santa & Piotr Visits Venezuela - JOIN OUR VENTURE TODAY


"So getting to know several Venezuelans here on the Steemit platform only brought me even closer to those people. Why? Because I can relate myself to them. On top of that most of the time we share similar interests and values. And most of all - being present here allows me to change some of their lives. Even if only just a little bit. I feel that today I can make some difference and I enjoy that feeling, even if it would only last for a short while and help very few. And I really hope many of you will join me".

The idea was to help a group of 8 Venezuelans. At the same time, two factors were tested:

  • Our ability to convene.
  • The feeling of mutual support within the steemit community.

The results were moving. The disinterested support of many users was present.

But, that would not be solving the lives of those Venezuelans. Our intention was to train them, so that they could continue to grow within the Steemit community and could fend for themselves. Thus, over time @project.hope was born.

It has been months of satisfaction and growth that I have experienced thanks to blockchain technology, which allowed me to meet people from all latitudes. Valuable people, intelligent and with great human warmth.

With the launch of the Communities on Steemit, all had a new stage of growth.

Project Hope Community has over 1000 subscribers of all nationalities who use our front-end to show us their valuable work on AI, technology, Blockchain, Crypto, Philosophy, Marketing and Entrepreneurship.



ph venezuela.jpg

Project Hope Venezuela is an initiative created to grow.
You See more about it at:

Three Ways to Join Project Hope

Delegate us.png

Hopefully by now you think that our efforts are worth your support and you'll consider delegating some SP to help us grow. We will be happy to have you on-board our project and in return we share 100% ROI (curation rewards) with all delegators.
We share those rewards on a weekly basis and currently 1000 SP delegated to @project.hope will result with a profit of average 2 STEEM / week (which is slightly more than pretty much all delegating bots are offering).

Delegate us 1000 SP

Web Site | Telegram | Discord | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Youtube


Hi @juanmolina

I want to congratulate you all.
1000 subscriptions don't come alone. It is the good work of their team together with @ crypto.piotr that has created the great community @Project Hope over time. This is probably just the start of the great community that will grow larger

 8 months ago 

Thank you for your words and also for all the support you have given us for a long time ago. This success is also thanks to you.

I take the opportunity to congratulate you on the excellent work you are doing in your community "WORLD OF XPILAR".

Thanks friend.

Thanks @juanmolina

 8 months ago (edited)

Dear @juanmolina

It has been quite a ride so far. We've knew each other for so long already and we came a long way together.

It's amazing to witness how our project is growing and transforming slowly and steadily into strong and active community. Community related to topics (small reminder):

  • technology,
  • blockchain,
  • artificial intelligence
  • machine learning
  • economy,
  • business,
  • marketing

Not everyone knows, that you are a co-founder of Project HOPE and you helped me to organize so many things at the very early stage of this project.

I hope I haven't been rude to any of you, but sometimes my character dominates me.
Indeed. Surely that part of you need to be a bit controled :) I've noticed that most Spanish and South Americans are quite explosive with their emotions. Which is so very different from east-europeans (we're almost like robots hehe).

Join our community:

Have a great upcoming weekend,
Yours, Piotr

Dear @juanmolina, we already know each others thanks to Piotr which is a very good friend of mine, so thanks to show us that hive communities are still working in steemit. I am your follower, but i am moderator of @steem-bounty community too, which always welcome good content writers like your team, some time @crypto.piotr and @lanzjoseg using it and i like it very much, do you keep here in steemit or you are moving to hive soon?

 8 months ago 

Greetings dear friend @intellihandling.

Steem bounty has been doing a wonderful job a long time ago. I know how it works. At some point I have used it.

As for moving to Hive, I must confess that I eventually post there, but I'm still feel rooted in Steem.

Thanks for the sharing! I did not really know how you guys are faring these days and, I am so sorry I was not able to keep up with you.

Sending my love from the land under!

 8 months ago 

I am so sorry I was not able to keep up with you.

You will always be welcome.

thank you Juan!

 8 months ago 

My pleasure.

@juanmolina and @project.hope, Congratulations and hope that your Initiatives and Journey will inspire more people to join your Path.

Good wishes from my side and have a wonderful time ahead. Stay blessed.

 8 months ago 

God bless you dear friend and brother @chireerocks.

Thank you so much.

But, that would not be solving the lives of those Venezuelans. Our intention was to train them, so that they could continue to grow within the Steemit community and could fend for themselves. Thus, over time @project.hope was born.

Much appreciated work. and because of community good strength we will see more milestones and achievements. Congrats to all community members ♥

 8 months ago 

Thank you dear friend @luckyali!
Strength lies in everyone's work.

Dear @juanmolina, you must be really proud of yourself right now. Yourself and @crypto.piotr have been doing well in improving the community. I join others to say congratulations to you.

 8 months ago 

I relly appreciate it. Thanks!

This is really a milestone and it is an achievement that needs to be celebrated, I wish the team more achievement.

This is good news, we are pushing bigger and stronger. Thanks for the support towards the community @project.hope team.

 8 months ago 

At PH we are proud of each of our members and subscribers.


@juanmolina this is brilliant news, 1000 subscribers for the pH Community is more than astounding. This proves that growth has been inevitable and pH stands out as one of the best communities out here. I'm glad to be part of the growth. Congratulations on behalf of everyone.

 8 months ago 

You have been an important part of this growth brother.
Thank you!

It is a good thing to grow and keep on advancing in life, this is worth celebrating, congratulations to the pioneers of this vision and to everyone who has contributed to its growth.

 8 months ago 

Thank you @ben-edom, let's celebrate together.

This is great and I am happy to see this milestone achieved by project hope team. We are going to see many more thousands in future. Thanks for sharing this great news.

 8 months ago 

Thank to you for beutiful wishes.

Congratulations to all those who worked hard to achieve this impressive milestone in such a short time.

As with this platform, this is only the beginning. Onwards!

 8 months ago 


Thank you very much dear @majes.tytyty.
You have been a fundamental pillar for us from day one.

Finally, We did it and achieved another milestone.
This is really great news for community which leads to celebration. Cheers!
Thank you so much everyone for doing great so far :-)

 8 months ago 

Thank you very much for this encourage words.
Let's celebrate together.

What you plant, that's what you reap.
During this time you have planted kindness and full support for us here (PH COMMUNITIES).
Thank you @juanmolina

 8 months ago 

The most important thing is to plant in fertile soil.
Thanks to you we are harvesting.

Hi @juanmolina

My most sincere congratulations to you and the entire PH team, as I read your publication I was very moved by your words and how you express your experience in this project.
I must make a recognition for the great work you have done since its beginning, as well as my respect and recognition to @crypto.piotr for its beautiful initiative that has allowed to help many people, many of them from my beloved country Venezuela.
In spite of having little time being part of PH I include myself when affirming: "We will continue growing and strengthening the project and contributing to give to the platform a new image and the sense that it has lost in great part ".
Hugs @juanmolina

 8 months ago 

You can affirm with certainty that you belong to Project Hope.
We are a great expanding Family.
So, welcome!

A great milestone already, there is no better pleasure than seeing what you have put effort into become a success.
Congratulations to the team and to every member of the community also.

 8 months ago 

Well, I congratulate you.
You are one of our most active members. Thank you!

Congratulations and Good vibes for you! They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step and you have already taken 2, you are doing well!

 8 months ago 

Hello friend and paisana @esthersanchez.
Thanks for reaching out and for those words of support.

This is really a success story worth the headlines. I got to meet Piotr along the way on Steemit and ever since then, I can't stop admiring his work rate, dedication, and ability to be consistent. His efforts in community building and outstanding leadership is worth a whole article. And how about his tact (saying the needful without offending the hearer), it's something I want to every community leader should cherish. I thank Piotr, you Juanmolina and all the PH leadership. This enormous result and the success of PH can never be discussed without talking about your collective, outstanding industriousness.

More heights to be achieved and wishing PH more success. I will continue to support this effort in whatever small way I can.

Thanks, Charles.

 8 months ago 

He is absolutely right: Piotr is the inspiring force of the project (but do not tell him, because he is very humble and does not like praise).

Thank you for being part of our beautiful family, sincerely your contribution has been of great value to all of us, we hope to continue together and grow for much longer.

What an achievement! Congratulations on that! II would like to personally thank @crypto.piotr for offering me to join this community for months, but I have been gradually turning him down because I was committed to another project back then. Apparently, after the fork, they went to the other blockchain and I don't have a job anymore. So, naturally I can contribute my votes to the community here and since then I've been following the voting trail and on and off I will author some post here.

 8 months ago 

You have great talent, I have read your work and I really like your style.
Thank you for choosing us, feel free to participate more actively whenever you want.

Thank you Juan. I'm very distracted person 😂 I need to focus more on development.

 8 months ago 

Do you consider yourself a distracted person?
I can not believe it.

For your benefit:
"Once we recognize our own weaknesses, then we have taken a great step towards our evolution".

I am all over the place. I'm currently running as a curator for #esteem in #hive, I have a half dead community #cn-malaysia here, at the same time participating in Chinese writing in #hive-cn, and also helping development of #wherein. If you do not know, is a short blog app. We have it in Android(IOS version on the way). You can use it for short blog purpose, like on the move, check-in locations. I will not use the famous social feeding program as example due to copyright, but it's similar kind of function.
One thing, the phone language must be defaulted as English, otherwise the app will be stupidly changed to Chinese🤣 We're still working on the language issue for the time being.

 8 months ago 

Wow, amazing!
How can you control so many things at once? Are you cyborg?

Which explained why did I seldom post in #project.hope unless I really have something important to share. I'm just too all over the place.

 8 months ago 

I see.
Stay safe brother.

Ah... so true on that quote. I am trying my best. Now I realized I have another weakness. I almost going to make "excuse" after read your comment🤣

 8 months ago 

You´re a great person. I'm glad to met you.

The respect are mutual. Thanks to @crypto.piotr for bringing me to you guys. I'm glad that I have chance to met him in person a few sometimes ago.

 8 months ago 

Oh really? did you?
It´s a great news. i´m happy by that.

 8 months ago 

That is an amazing milestone that we have crossed with 1000 subscribers to the project.hope community. A big thanks for your amazing work @juanmolina. Let's continue on this path and hopefully we will be able to celebrate many more milestones with this project!

Best regards,

 8 months ago 

We will continue to move forward together.
You are an essential part of our family.
Thanks dear brother.

It's really great @project.hope is able to achieve such number of subscribers in the steem community. It's really nice to see more people subscribing to @project.hope community which has actually led us to attain 1000 subscribers and I'm quite sure as time goes on, the number of subscribers will surely increase than this.

It's really nice reading your introduction to @project.hope and I must say I've really learnt a lot from your write up as it also explains how @project.hope was founded with the little history involved in creating such a great community. Much thanks to @crypto.piotr and the team for their great impact and effort in the project hope community.

This is really worth celebrating and I am quite sure every community members are also happy about this great achievement.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead 💕❤️💕💕

 8 months ago 

One of the greatest satisfactions that this project has given me is the opportunity to approach people of great human value and great intellect. These people have in you their best representative.

I wish you a great day / night, depending on where you are.

This is indeed a milestone achievement by Project Hope. The sky is just a starting point. I foresee a greater future.
Thumbs up buddies

 8 months ago 

Always looking forward to the achievements, we wish that the number of subscribers will increase in order to send our message of hope to more people.

Thanks friend.

Great @juanmolina.
Friend, I am very happy and I share this emotion that you feel today and you bring us with joy.
Two years of much learning.

Congratulation @juanmolina @project.hope and @crypto.piotr

 8 months ago 

Hello friend Sacra. Welcome to this celebration.
You have always been there to support Project Hope's efforts.
Thank you.

Hello my dear @juanmolina, thanks for this gem of publication.

I must tell you that I shuddered to read this article, this week I have been thinking about everything that this community means to me and until now I am aware of the importance of that first contact with @crypto.piotr some time ago.

I must say that it was in a post for @originalworks that I received his first comment.

The community took flight and I want to thank from the heart the fact that this publication removed memories and made me understand the magnitude of what we have lived.

Thanks friend, you inspired me.

 8 months ago 

My pleasure dear friend.
I appreciated it very much.

 8 months ago 

Wow @juanmolina.
Dude, I'm so happy and I share the same excitement you feel today.
These two years for me are of much learning especially under the tutelage of our friend and I can even call him almost brother @crypto.piotr, what we have created is great and the best of all is all the people that we manage to know day by day, and in spite of the languages there are no barriers to communicate.

I know that our project will continue to grow and become something more structured and far-reaching.

It is a great honor to walk this path with you and the other guys

Best regards to you and your family.

 8 months ago 

Brother José:
You are a fundamental part of Project Hope, for me it is also a true honor to walk with you in this life experience.

I am sure we will continue to grow together.

this is indeed great news for us and I am glad to see that the PH community is growing. This snapshot proves that we are making a difference in the platform and one of the vibrant community in the blockchain.


We have come a long but also have a long way to go. This is a great @juanmolina

 8 months ago 

We have come a long but also have a long way to go.

We have more future than past.

That's golden achievement. Thanks for making winning content on steem. I truly believe there are no more engagement community like PH community because PH members connect each others and put good feedback. Founder also recommend to increase engagement withing this community. I wish you the best for reach next milestones as well.
@tipu curate

 8 months ago 

Thank you for your valuable support.
We certainly must set new goals for ourselves in this regard.
Maybe 1500 subscribers would sound reasonable?

This is an interesting and emotional content, I am happy project.hope is serving its purpose already and I am also excited to be a part of a beautiful project like this one.

 8 months ago 

Certainly, the goals have been achieved so far.
I am sure that with the support of people like you, we will continue to advance and help more people.

That's really an very great achievement for this wonderful community at large and in coming days we can see it growing even more.

 8 months ago 

Thank you dear friend.

This is good news. Project hope is growing and having such a milestone is impressive.

 8 months ago 

Thank you brother.

Hi @juanmolina

Congratulations to you and all at PH. This is a fantastic achievement. Also a big thanks to @crypto.piotr for everything he has done for this community and also for getting me involved.

It is a great community to be a part of. There are some great people discussing some great topics. The engagement is brilliant and I have met some truly amazing people.

And to think we can do all these great things and at the same time help a group of people in Venezuela, that is amazing!

 8 months ago 

Thanks for comment.
PH is a source of inspiration for many people and is the support for many Venezuelan families.

@juanmolina first of all congratulation on the achievement , i know it will take some to grow that large community , but its all the team effort. i wish this community will be engaging more better then any other community. lastly best of luck for the future achievement.

 8 months ago 

Thanks for beutiful wishes.
We are working for best.

Wow, congratulations to us for achieving this milestone. And thanks to you for taking us down the memory lane. Now, we move onwards to the 1,500 mark. Cheers!

 8 months ago 

1500? Oh yeah!
Thanks to you for bein part of us.

Always my pleasure bro.

Hello @juanmolina
This information is good to know, one cannot fail to mention how all this came about. That it works quite well now, helps dozens or maybe hundreds of people all over the world. It is very good to have this in mind, that I not only help with their support to Venezuelans, but to Africans, Filipinos, among others.
And this is an example of support that should be followed, and also that goes beyond the borders of this platform. Congratulations to the whole team.
May the community continue to grow.

 8 months ago 

You have hit the nail!
Not only are the users we help, along with them are their families who also benefit.

Exactly. And that's a great play, a great work. Which certainly transcends.

Exactly. And that's
A great play, a great work. Which
Certainly transcends.

                 - josevas217

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I don't understand how they make these bots respond... it's because I don't know anything about programming, but artificial intelligence is a tremendous thing. You're smart @haikubot he, he, he

 8 months ago 


 8 months ago 

Well said.

Highly rEsteemed!

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 7.48.32 AM.png

nicely done... wishing you all the success

 8 months ago 

Thank you very much friend!

So glad for this. Steem at its best. Great motivation.

 8 months ago 

We are glad too. Thanks for stopping by.

For sure. Trying to build up more Steem so I can delegate to @projecthope.

 8 months ago 

Thank you very much dear @cyemela.

Congratulations to reach 1,000 peoples

 8 months ago 

Thank you very much dear friend @cloudblade.

Hi @juanmolina congratulation to PH with 1000 subscribers. I believe that in the future PH will be a great community in blockchain social media and hope the team to think about creating more projects that can live up the members.

 8 months ago 

Thank you for your sincere wishes friend @lebah.

Create new projects? Wow, this would be interesting. It would be a new level of evolution since PH is currently still under development.
We have made progress, but we still have many things to do.

Thanks for comment.

Congratulations on the achievement, this confirms once again that consistency and unity achieve a lot. Let the successes continue and every day increase the number of subscribers.

 8 months ago 

Thanks for the support.
As you say, this is the prize for perseverance.

Thanks for the support.
As you say, this is the prize
For perseverance.

                 - juanmolina

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

congratulation @project.hope for reaching this milestone. I especially would like to congratule @juanmolina and @crypto.piotr, whose sincere efforts and hard work make it possible for this community to reach this level.

 8 months ago 

Thanks friend, but we are hardly a cog in all this machinery that has been formed over time.

Writers, members and subscribers are the real protagonists.

Have a great time ahead buddy!

 8 months ago 


This is a great achievement that should indeed be celebrated, I wish the project better achievement.

 8 months ago 

Thank you dear friend.
Let's celebrate!


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Awesome project, great to see all the progress you've already made.

 8 months ago 

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 8 months ago 

Thank you, friend.
Had you post in PH?

This post has been rewarded by the Steem Community Curation Project. #communitycuration06

good to see that ph is growing

 8 months ago 

You're totally right.

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