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RE: #ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

in Project HOPE9 months ago

Dearest friend and brother José Gregorio:

You have managed to move me with this post.
I hope that other people understand the feeling of brotherhood that unites us. It is much more than just work, it is more than just writing and publishing. Between us there is a beautiful friendship.

I feel happy to belong to this beautiful team.

Thank you for this very emotional post. I loved it!

Your friend, Juan.

 9 months ago 

Dearest friend and brother Juan Molina

In this digital world it is very difficult to have a friend. But this project has shown that if you can digitally have good friends. It seems a lie that living so at the same time is far away.

But here we are to help us in a small digital distance.

Greetings friend.

 9 months ago 

Yes brother. That feeling involves the whole team.

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