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RE: Quick introduction guide to STEEM communities

in Project HOPE9 months ago


Do you know what I miss? The option to enter my "Feed".
With these updates, this option disappeared.
Although you can add "/ feed" in the address bar of your browser to access.

Nor can I find the option to change my avatar image and cover image. I don't know where they went ... lol

Finally I invite you to review steempeak. Have you seen it lately? It is super renovated. The "Explore" option they added is sublime.

Here you have a printscreen so you have an idea.

This is how it looks



Friend the option of "my feed" is just when you enter the communities, in the upper part where it says "my friend", there are you enter and you get the publications of the people that you follow and follow you.

 9 months ago 

Thank you my friend.

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