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RE: Hive Blockchain is launching this Friday

in Project HOPElast year

Greetings friend @bala41288.

I personally really liked that a new blockchain was created.
This possibility had been talked about a lot since the conflict began. What surprises me is the short term in which they managed to develop it.

I am sure that a great team of experts is behind all this great progress, but I imagine that corrections will have to be made on the fly. I hope that the most vulnerable points have been "armored" against future attacks.

Your friend, Juan.


Thanks for your comments @juanmolina. I guess it was always under discussion right after steemit was acquired. And additionally it was just a copy paste and a few changes to the chain. So they were able to make it within a short span of time.

 last year 

I don't think it's something as simple as copy / paste.