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RE: Important reminder: PROJECT HOPE against PLAGIARIZM and post spinning

in Project HOPE4 months ago

First of all, I want to say that I felt the emotionality with which Piotr wrote this post. This reflects how truly concerned he is about this situation.

I will give a couple of tips to our content creators:

We will always need to consult a bibliographic source, lean on previous articles, so we can "quote" part of these articles that serve as support for our own writing.
When we use the "quotes" we must indicate the origin.

Once we have done this, then we could interpret in our own words, and develop our personal idea, shape our thoughts.

In my opinion, that type of personalized writing has a lot of value.

To finish, I want us to reflect on what Piotr tells us in this announcement:

Our goal is to educate people, not to punish them

It has always been Piotr's philosophy to "educate". From the first day when the creation of Project Hope was devised, the idea was to "educate a group of users".
As you can see, this philosophy is still intact.

Currently, our community is capturing the attention of many users within both platforms (Steemit / Hive).
Our number of subscribers and active posters is increasing. Perhaps for this reason certain "Authorities" within the platforms are more attentive to our activities. This commits us even more to taking care of the correct use of our upvotes, especially in the sense of not supporting plagiarism.

I have always said that the "Community" is made up of all of us and we must be guarantors of its correct functioning, each of us can contribute to achieving this goal. Let's start by taking care of our own content, this will impact the proper functioning of our entire ecosystem.

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