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Every year during the dry season, fires are often reported. This time too there is that section. Many people are suddenly getting burnt from various things. Apart from being burnt to death, houses and shops are also being damaged.


No matter how cold-headed a person may be due to a sudden accident, he becomes bewildered. The slightest forgetfulness can result in fatal damage. If you have some idea about the first aid after the fire, the amount of damage can be reduced to some extent.

While cooking, carelessness, from electric short circuit, from combustible material can sometimes transform into big fire through small fire sparks. So it is important to know how to put out any kind of fire. At the same time, it is good for all ages to know how to give first aid in case of fire.

Bogra Fire Service and Assistant Director of Civil Defense. Abdul Hamid said that the main sources of fire are solid and liquid fires, gas fires, metallic fires and electricity fires. It is possible to reduce the amount of damage even if we start the process of extinguishing the fire by identifying the medium from which the fire spread.


How to put out a fire

If the fire starts from solid material like bamboo, wood or something like that, the fire can be brought under control with sufficient amount of water. And if the fire starts from oil, mobil, petrol or other liquids, you should try to control the fire by spreading soap foam, wet blankets, sacks, kantha or heavy cloth. Such fires cannot be brought under control with water, but if water is given, there is a high risk of reversal. If nothing is found, the fire caused by the liquid can be subdued by sprinkling dry sand.

In case of fire from any type of gas, the gas supply line should be shut off or the knob of the riser should be turned. In case of fire from the gas cylinder, wet kantha, blankets, sacks or heavy cloths should be wrapped around the cylinder and the supply of gas should be stopped by pressing or turning the knob or by splashing water. Always keep in mind that if it is understood that the gas is leaking, then in no way can anything be taken near that place to light matches like matches, cigarettes, burning candles, cups.

Fires that originate from metals or sodium, potassium, etc. are the most intense. Explosions can occur when applied directly to water. Therefore, it can be brought under control by spraying directly on such fire with the help of fire extinguisher.

Water cannot be supplied in any way if fire starts from electrical medium. Because water is a conductor of electricity, anyone can easily get electrocuted and die. So first you have to try to turn off the main switch of the electrical line. However, in case of fire in the main switch, the nearest electricity office should be contacted as soon as possible. So that the power supply of the line is switched off quickly. Fire can be brought under control by spreading water from a safe distance when the line is closed, but it is best if carbon dioxide is spread with the help of a fire extinguisher or fire extinguisher. This will make it possible to control the fire easily.


First aid

What if someone is burned by fire? What to do in primary care before going to the hospital? Limon Kumar Dhar, head of the burn and plastic surgery department at Mymensingh Medical College, said: Running water stream is most effective for any type of burn or scorching, not bucket or bucket bound water. The wound should not be touched or rubbed at all. Then gently cover with a clean white cotton cloth and seek medical attention as soon as possible. '

Ointment, toothpaste, eggs, potatoes and any other ingredients should be avoided before seeing a doctor. Otherwise, it becomes difficult to understand how much part has been damaged. In addition, if you look at the material applied to the wound, the patient's pain will increase. Therefore, it is necessary to wash with water and wrap a thin cloth and go to the nearest hospital or doctor as soon as possible.


  • Home or office — wherever you are, the first thing to do is to turn off the main electricity switch and the gas connection. The news should reach the nearest fire service office.

  • Wherever there is a fire, don't forget to try to get out using the elevator.

  • The religion of fire rises upwards. So if there is a fire in any part of the lower part of a multi-storey building, you have to be careful while going down the stairs. In that case, it is better to go to the open roof of the building. This will reduce the risk and increase the chances of rescue.

  • When the fire gets out of control, move yourself to a safe place and help others to a safe haven.

  • If the fire burns on the body or clothing, do not run; The fire will increase. Lie down and keep rolling until the fire is extinguished. If possible, wrap the affected person with a wet kantha or blanket.

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It is very interesting and learning topic today you have discussed. I have learnt a lot of things from this post as how to put out fire when it is from bamboo and when it is from petrol. I have seen in my village to use blanket in that cases but now I have got the better idea about the topic.