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Is Technology Using Us

In today's world i do not believe we will be able to identify ourselves without the use of technology. From our grandparents to our children, from big cities to the villages technology is widely used. And if you take away our smartphones, cars , dishwashers, computers what would we do?


We can not deny how technology improved our lives, from medical technology to information technology we are benefiting from it. Our everyday lives are easier, we have much more spare time and we are living longer. But is there an other side to the coin? Can we be consumed by our usage of technology or can we get harmed by it?

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"Technology is important, but the only thing that really matters is what we do with it. " Muhammad Yunus

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This quote made me think about Einstein since his famous equation ''E=mc2'' has been used to create atomic bomb. He wasn't aware that his mathematical invention would lead to mass deaths. It is a known fact that he was deeply worried by the possible harm it can cause to people saying that ''he created a monster'' . But this nuclear technology is also used at treating cancer patients and diagnose illnesses. This probably saved millions of peoples lives since 1960s. Since the starting point of this pandemic doctors are using tomography to detect any damage at peoples livers. So it appears to be the only thing that matters is really what we chose to do with these technologies. So i believe this quote has a really solid standpoint.


Even when we look at the ongoing war between artificial intelligence supporters and haters. Obviously there are some risks and also benefits in that department but we wont know how it will turn out until it is widely used. Even then it will be important what we will choose to do with it. Maybe the authorities will enact laws to prevent misuse of the technology.

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And it doesn't even have to be matter of life and death situations. Even at our daily lives we can choose to use it wisely or poorly. We can use internet for hours scrolling down Instagram without doing anything proactive or we can read articles, watch documentaries or do something useful to achieve our goals. By doing that we will be using technology and not vice versa.


i want to thank @josevas217 @gbenga @juanmolina for creating this contest, since this is a subject i really would like to think and write about.


Hello @lakhes
Interesting that you pose the title of your post as a question. And it's a question we could all ask ourselves, probably many won't like the answer.
Thank you for participating in the contest, you are still welcome to Project Hope community.

I am concerned with the same thing! Hopefully we will arrive at a point where we only use the technology with the right purposes