Calm and sanity.

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Calm and sanity.

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This corona-virus crisis

We are currently being attacked on many fronts, mainly in health, socially and undoubtedly economically and financially.

No one could imagine that this would happen until reaching the point that this virus became a pandemic overnight. We live in the same space-time, facing most of the time, similar problems in each of our countries. In these moments of anguish, stress, and anxiety, it is when each one of us in our spaces of a few square meters all needs a lot of calm.

It may sound a bit conflictive, but we need to understand that with despair, we can't get anywhere, much less if we lose our calm and sanity.

Wrong perspective.

We face each other most of the time from the wrong perspective and although it seems unbelievable, that wrong perspective is based on ignorance, not knowing how to face this terrible situation, the hard road that you have to suffer to maintain sanity will not be easy.

I have seen how paranoia takes over people, fear invades them and this point when not knowing what to do is creating much more uncertainty, governments acted late and the consequences are already being felt. The governments are definitely also very ignorant.

Those who always pay the consequences will be the least fortunate, since the quarantine announcements in many countries people have gone crazy and it is with good reason they send you home without being prepared to face days of confinement, now imagine that confinement without food.

Collective madness.

It has been causing a commotion, I can say it because since they announced in my country suspension of classes for forty (40) days so that the children are in their homes and people are kept safe, the first thing that happened was a collective madness. They immediately went to the supermarkets to make desperate purchases or as they usually call nervous purchases to collect supplies before the quarantine, definitely losing their calm, that tranquility or peace has been lost and as a consequence also sanity.

Calm and sanity.

Both have to go together holding, we must not lose our cry and much less sanity. our ability to think and act with good judgment, prudence, reflection, good sense, and responsibility.


We will get out of this: Yes, of course, we will get out of this, although many lives will be lost, even if the economy is at the bottom of an abyss and desperate society, With calm and sanity we will get out of this crisis.

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Hi @lanzjoseg

This is a beautiful piece of writing. I think we are all facing trials at the moment and here where I live the supermarkets' shelves are all but empty and there is a lot of fear. However, I have also seen some remarkable acts of kindness and compassion. For some, the best of human nature can shine through when faced with hardship. That should give us all hope. Let's not be selfish and realise that together, as a community, we are stronger.

I cannot give response on this case (CoVirus)almost the whole world News and responses appear. 'Most profound crisis that have faced by people'.

 10 months ago 

Greetings friend @lanzjoseg.

I totally agree with you brother. We must remain calm.

These desperate acts of many people will always occur when we face the unknown. So we must first of all educate ourselves about it.
Having knowledge of how what we are facing evolves will give us an advantage.

Can someone in Venezuela really buy food to stay indoors for thirty days without leaving?
Only a tiny percentage of the population can do it.

The worst events that are currently occurring as a result of this pandemic are the shameful acts of trade in usury of many people.
Surcharge in the sale of masks, toilet paper, disinfectant and medicinal alcohol, among other items, is the order of the day.

We will soon face segregation and apartheid towards the infected. This will be another sadder stage of the situation.

Your friend, Juan.

Hello friend @lanzjoseg.

Good advice, friend, there is really nothing to be gained from despair and collective hysteria, many people are afraid and do not know what to do about it, we must try to raise awareness and help keep calm. Is not easy!

It's that simple @lanzjoseg
Don't lose your cool, the situation is difficult, and it will probably get worse.
But history has shown that humanity in society has always come out on top, and that after these bitter drinks there is still a lot of learning to be done. I don't think it's going to be any different in this case.

It is a problem of the new times friend @lanzjoseg, I think we should be cautious and keep a low profile. Try to be objective, focus on taking this process positively and learn from all this. This will make us stronger and better prepared, I am sure of that.

The loss of lives as a result of this virus is becoming really alarming, the news spread everyday on social media platforms will not even allow people keep their cool, I only hope this virus stops really soon.

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Important point that we must take care of our mental health too! I'm with you on remaining calm and keeping our sanity!

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It is not easy to stay calm but I think it is the best thing to do during this trying times.

The first thing the government always try to do is safety measures not considering the after effect. The term collective madness can be justified as the government based on anxiety, fear and the good intentions to keep citizens safe implement drastic measures and we the populace trying to keep ourselves safe lose our cools.

It is good to be calm in cases like this because the fear of diseases like this kills faster than the disease itself due to shock and other medical and psychological problems.