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For any need, there will always be a business opportunity, we all know the havoc that this pandemic that was generated in China has created, from that country it spread throughout the world and all people in any part of the world have suffered the consequences of Directly or indirectly it has also affected the world economy ...

What is happening worldwide, you know because it is a recurring theme in all parts of the world.

There are several ways to protect ourselves against this disease that was generated in China, and no one in the world should forget it, one of the ways is simply to stay at home and avoid almost any contact with other people, but if you are going to have contact in any way Other security systems are needed. One of these systems is breathing masks worldwide. The production of masks increased, some very simple to the most elaborate ones that are usually very high protection with respect to what you breathe.

In any case, respirator masks have become a necessity in many countries, you can be fined for being on the street without wearing the mask. Here in my country, I have seen how the authorities call for attention when the person does not use the mask and is on the street.

For people who are not used to using masks, it is usually very annoying to walk with that on your face, in fact it is possible to feel like you are short of air when you breathe and this has a logic and that is that the Co2 that the person it expels when “exhaling” somehow we are inhaling it again and that causes fatigue and a lot of tiredness

As always, technology with its advances in favor of the human being hand in hand with companies that see business opportunities is always at the forefront to offer alternatives for humans and their needs that is what I love about technology.


I read some good news regarding a new device (that's what I'll call it) a new electronic mask created by LG that helps to breathe purified air and the best of all is that it also helps to get our own Co2 out faster than we usually exhale when we breathe.

It has great advantages, it is totally electronic and it even communicates through an APP when the filters that this mask is using and are degraded by use, it simply sends a message to the app so that you can change those filters, it has three fans that help to breathe best.

We all know that this virus that spread from China will still be around the world for a long time, while medicine is developed to combat it.

I know that some medications are already in the testing period, but I think that as long as they do not give favorable results, we should live with this pandemic.

I invite you to visit the page of LG newsroom

Technology will help us overcome it.


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this is not the first pandemic that faces the world nor is it the most lethal, this pandemic will soon come to an end like all other pandemics, on the other hand it is true that it has created an industry and has boosted other industries such as telecommunications. greetings good article

Hello @professor @lanzjoseg

Smart masks, you might say, because they alert you when a filter change is required.
Technology surprises us more and more with what comes out.
Certainly, wearing masks, while walking and doing other activities is often exhausting, precisely because of the consumption of CO2. The fines for not using it, yes, here in Colombia can put a fine of $ 300 for not using it ... crazy, but in the end it works, because you end up caring more for the fine that the covid he he he

Hello friend @lanzjoseg the truth seems to me an excellent invention, of course surely will not be anything economic and not everyone will be able to access that mask, but it is good that there is so much talent and that companies think about improvements in human health. Thank you for sharing.

I have heard cases of people collapsing from the right nose mask, the electronic nose mask is going to help provide a lot of more convenience and protection at the same time.

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