Financial freedom and college education.

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Financial freedom has nothing to do with your college education.


We speak of financial freedom when the human being has the ability to produce his own money without having a specific profession or having to do with finances and without the need to have a boss, which means that he has income to live and cover all his expenses because he has been able to make good investments or good management of initial capital.

Somehow it is true that financial freedom does not have to do with university degrees, but with intelligence, cunning, vision, speed and other qualities related to making the right decisions at the right time, when I refer to the right time is not what they call luck, Not at all, I do not consider this type of success as luck, but as being bold.

However, I am sure that it is required in some way to have basic knowledge about numbers such as mathematics, to know about currencies and their value, to see weaknesses and strengths, maybe without knowing they do market research in their own way but they do it to know which would be the most prosperous business and which they see a future because they expect to obtain favorable results. So, although when we review history we find people with great ideas and businesses with the particularity that they did not dedicate themselves to train in any university career and today we still see that kind of people, of course.

But the fact that someone is intelligent or that his or her intelligence is not related to studies, it is clear that you could improve your knowledge when you choose a career. For example in this wide world of technology you find developers, programmers and when you ask them what they studied, they tell you nothing although they look like systems or computer engineers, they generate income and not just any income but I am talking about significant sums that allow them to live well, it is not in their plans to study and not even have a boss.


What about that word that we all know and that many want to put into practice, others try and consider difficult is "saving". It is a process that if you want to achieve requires a lot of discipline and good money management but often it is well known that it is better to invest assuming the risk of its use and what you invest it in, you can mention here that part of "do not invest in unnecessary things" if they are not necessarily better not to use that money, living only with the necessary could be a start to achieve that economic freedom that many want to have.

In this sense, the person who is an entrepreneur cannot know everything, but he does have to be aware of what he does not know and surround himself with people who do know.


So I conclude very simply that you don't need a university degree, but you do need the knowledge.



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Hi, you certainly don't need a college degree to have financial freedom, but if you have the knowledge as you mention you can manage your resources better. In knowledge lies the power.

See you later, have a great weekend.

Hello @lanzjoseg teacher

The closing of this post contains a great truth that I always considered appropriate, we are not always going to know everything even if we are professionals in some area, do not be obstinate, it will always be important to surround yourself with people who have a lot of experience at all times, it is part of growth as individuals and entrepreneurs in any area.

See you soon

Hello friend, I agree, it is not necessary to have a university degree to become financially free, I currently consider myself free in that sense, I am my own boss and I decide my time at work, it seems to me that it was the best decision I made a few months ago. Currently I want to learn about financial education, but because I have other projects in mind and I think it is necessary. Greetings!

It's just some people's mentality that they lin the success and great economic life with studying and degrees even though we can see many successful men without a degree but as you said they have the knowledge.

Great post!

But the fact that someone is intelligent or that his or her intelligence is not related to studies

Bad choice of words here. All intelligence comes from studying. I assume you wanted to say studying in a school/college/ university .

In any case, I think that anyone who can get an education, you absolutely must do it. It will not only boost your chances to succeed in life, it will also make your really intelligent. Being intelligent is not about getting rich, or being good at particular profession, it comes from overall knowledge and experience you have - of your own language and foreign ones, history, philosophy, psychology, logic, mathematics, physics and etc.

 29 days ago 

Each time reason but only from their own point of view, however I reiterate the intelligence does not come from the study ..

You can be very smart without going through school.

Or is it that solving a problem that does not need studies and you do it makes you less educated in terms of education that is taught in schools.

You can be very smart without going through school.

Agree, but you can't became smart or intelligent without study. No matter how you study - school, internet, watching someone doing smth, doing smth yourself... You need to study to achieve anything. You can't sit on a sofa staring on the wall and suddenly become smart.

Financial freedom is developed beyond the walls of the classroom, it is an habit cultivated through putting emotions in check and making the sacrificial decision to grow and learn lessons.

I believe that the school should teach us how to have financial freedom, but unfortunately the school, or university, holds us in the idea that we need to have a college degree to be able to have a better life and we know today that this is not quite how things are it works.

So, you are right ... it is not the diploma that will make us achieve such financial freedom.

Nice post, @lanzjoseg