Google is not only = search

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Google is not only = search


When we read the word Google the first thing that comes to our mind is Search.

However, behind this platform there is a great world of different applications, some more recent than others, and others that are very old and unknown to us.

In my constant search for tools for my own development as an educator I came across this google tool called Jamboard. This application has existed for a long time, Jamboard is a service which is not very well known by Google. This service offers users the possibility of implementing a virtual whiteboard in a totally digital and collaborative way. Recently, Google Suite has announced the inclusion of these digital whiteboards, known as "jams", within Google Meet.


It has its pros and cons and is intended for me to make life easier for teachers or anyone who needs to explain something using a blackboard, for me as a teacher it offers many benefits because in this way I can graph some calculations of my accounting subject as well as statistical calculations that are necessary to see directly at the time of explaining.

Of course I must clarify that it can be used by many people and is not only for teachers, from my point of view for teachers will be very helpful, and definitely also for students because they will be somehow semi-presential in the classroom, can be interactive and dynamic because they can access a complete package of editing tools to collaborate with students or educators and any kind of professional who wants to demonstrate a product.

I sincerely believe it is a great tool and I know it will be of great help. Link: Jamboard




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Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

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Hello friend, a really interesting information, I don't know the application, nowadays with all the pandemic is a great tool to receive virtual classes. And as you say for other types of activities. Thanks for sharing.

 22 days ago 

I love looking for information that is useful to me for my classes but that can also be useful to others.

It seems like this jamboard you talk about is been used most of the time on youtube by some teachers on youtube

First time i will be hearing about this jamboard you discuss about in the post, I guess it is not that common in use and not widely noticed

 22 days ago (edited)

Hi @great-a

It is not common, I think for that reason Google is launching it again but now with the use that teachers can give it.

interesting to see how one of all these new tools, you will certainly Thank you very much for sharing this great tool.

Hello friend @lanzjoseg
I have always seen google as an empire, it has everything and for everyone. The thing is that there are so many things that we don't always know about everything.
But it seems to be a very interesting tool, more so considering the current condition.

Sincerely, Google just interprets to mean a search engine although I know that Google will have so many other applications but I just never got interested in finding out about them, this application you found out will be very good for educators.

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