My Philosophy of Faith in Steemit. Is not linked to religion.

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What I describe below is a small preamble, of my own philosophy, I must touch religion in some way, very briefly without getting too much into it, since it is not the focal point of my publication.

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There has always been a clash between Reason and Faith, however faith has also been manipulated from a point of view towards religion where religion focuses on faith as a form of expression in believing, faith guides trust, but the orient on the basis of beliefs that may be true or false.

Religious faith is not only trust, but also obedience to divine authority but it is established through the relationships of trust-testimony, without the need for a verification of evidence, that may be one of the many ways in which faith is understood today.

I can share these forms of faith, but I also believe in the verification of the evidence.

Many years ago I read a fantastic definition of faith, it was defined by the faith of the ancients, where it differs from the concept of faith elaborated by religion.

  • The fides (which translated directly from Latin means "faith", "trust", "loyalty") of the ancients:

Test, pact and loyalty

They are a test of trust, a mark of loyalty, a pact that bases moral and social relationships. It is a virtue that should not be confused with religious belief.

We must distinguish faith-loyalty-proof, the foundation of all social ties and the moral and civic virtues that allow relationships between men.
Of faith-belief-testimony, which is rather a religious loyalty (faithfulness), dependent not on the evidence, but on the weight of the word and divine authority.

After clarifying a little from my point of view regarding faith and where I place the Faith as proof, covenant and loyalty this took him to our Steemit platform, which recently with all the events I can say that My Faith is based on those three principles.

Currently that faith is being beaten.

Something external and also internal to our platform are breaking with the pacts they are not being loyal and the tests they are placing are not at all well received by almost anyone on our platform.

I agree with my Faith that there must be some changes.

Some changes in the witnesses are necessary, if I agree but the way they want to impose them is not the best way for any of the actors that make life within this platform a behavior that breaks the rules of the game is a behavior that does not It can be accepted by anyone

Although my faith was mistreated, which I must clarify that, I still have faith, but based on a faith of the ancients, where it is valued test, covenant and loyalty. That is why there is faith-opinion-proof, which leads from belief to knowledge-conviction, in the midst of my knowledge I am convinced that we are all going to get rid of what is currently happening on our platform.

Tell me philosophically how is your Faith, inside the Steemit platform. In spite of all the events that are happening and have not yet been clarified.

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Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

"In constant evolution".


Recently I found a post that caught my attention and that explained a bit what happened with the steem consensus system and where was the characteristic that allowed the replacement of witnesses. You can read it in: Making Sense of Blockchain Consensus Algorithms. Comparing POW, POS, and DPOS.

The initial sentence was the one that caught my attention:

The recent attack on the Steem blockchain have shown a major flaw in DPOS system.

With the reading I realized that the consensus system we use in steem may be one of the least decentralized, that surprised me a bit and made me think about my ignorance on the subject. Well, the cost of a high operating speed and a low or almost non-existent commission rate resulted in the establishment of witnesses by vote of the blockchain members, that sounds very democratic, but it brings the same risk that democracies already had since the times of the Greeks, that is, that a group of power managed to manipulate enough votes to be able to take the entire government and then impose itself as the sole authority.

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My support, Steemit, we must bring it to the world. #steem #posh #steemit

@lanzjoseg, In my opinion when reality comes out it will going to break the faith, trust and the essence of loyalty. Stay blessed always.

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@tipu curate

Beautifully written by all means, I don't think faith at all on steem seems religious, it's more of taking decisions based on calculated but Selfless love for Steem. In essence something we thrive because of undying faith, sometimes we don't, at the end of the day faith when others are giving up can really be reawarding

To me, the faith we need is in community where people need to act with the good of the community in mind. Communities are the basis for how society has flourished in the real world and that shouldn't be different on Steem. That is why I am supporting the work of you guys at PH.

Upvoted and resteemed. Thanks.

I still have good faith in Steem and Steemit. This house will not fall. Together we will overcome. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I hold firm my will to believe in steemit. The dream should not end and I know that it will continue with everyone's effort.
Brilliant and deep reflection, my congratulations @lanzjoseg

Interesting approach Professor @lanzjoseg

I liked the way you related your preamble to the religious. I'm not a believer, but I know it's important to a lot of people.
I will make an analogy with the religious as well to answer your question. I believe in a universal energy that makes things evolve, including the human being and all living beings, I believe in that system we call the universe, but I don't believe in priests, churches or anything related to religion, many things must change so that I can achieve to be (in my opinion) something reliable.

Now, I believe in steemit as a platform, the concept behind this ecosystem caught me from the first moments I had contact here. But it seems that there are some actors behind it that are not favoring a healthy development of the community at all. However, despite this, I still believe in this platform, that it has something additional, beyond the other networks. In fact I believe more in steemit than in ha ha ha religions, and I apologize to the religious.

Good post professor.

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