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Many times our parents instilled in us that it is the best thing for us, I think that is valid until a certain age, but also until a certain age we cannot let anyone impose their way of thinking on us, once we are older and know how to differentiate between good and evil we can make our own decisions, and we can think for ourselves.

I remember reading that Socrates was condemned to death for questioning the existence of the Gods by corrupting the thinking of the young people of that time, however after reading very well I realized that Socrates was only questioning the ideas that they wanted to instill in them.
As always the power is who tells us what we have to do and what we have to think.

But one of the things that led Socrates to go down in history is that he had the opportunity to withdraw his words to save himself from the death penalty with respect to his discernment of the ideas he had of the designs of those Gods that many worship. And he did not, he did not withdraw his thoughts and he stood firm in his thoughts until the end he drank in poison.

This power that has existed for more than 2000 years only wants us to be submissive and silent without true opinion, much less to question some things that in the eyes of everyone are very wrong.


But since we do not oppose power, that power which can corrupt any thought, that power which involves others and makes them fall in love with ideas that are not healthy for anyone, it is power that knows that it can dominate minds and thoughts, and weakness is the ignorance of those people, and to the extent that there are more ignorant people, power becomes stronger.

But since we can change the world, it is not that I want to change it from my perspective. I know that I don't let myself be dominated by power without becoming a revolutionary - a word that is used a lot in this world to identify change, but in its turn is a big lie.

Another way that power wants to dominate minds with ideas that only benefit a few and harm many, but that has to do with everything I write with Socrates from my point of view everything because he opposed a system imposed by the power to dominate and he opposed it only by questioning those ideas.

We can all question any idea, but anyone who reads this publication can question me. It is his individual right, of course, and he can also suggest his point of view.

We can't let anyone impose their way of thinking on us and change our way of thinking

We too, in a way, have the power not to let darkness impose itself upon us, and the best way is always to question ideas.




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Thanks for visiting, I appreciate your opinion.

"In constant evolution".


Hello friend, I think you are right, nobody has to give an opinion about our lives and impose anything on us, at least not from certain ages, I think the only ones who could at some point give us their opinion would be our parents and yet it does not mean that we should follow in their footsteps or advice, we are masters of our lives and only we should guide it.

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Once we have a conscience and we can tell we are already thinking beings, but in the time of our dreams we are not allowed to think in this way.

Good article, the power seeks to control the ideas to be able to control the people that is one of the things that accompanies the human being since we live in society.

 21 days ago 

If that form of power that many times also destroys society.

But only those of us who are aware of the good and the bad by deciding with our thinking, take that power away from others.

I believe everybody have the choice to determine the thinking idea that fills our thought, that is freedom of thought. If one is not suitable with an idea of a thinking accepted by many, one can learn to reject it

those with power generally they allow it to be corrupted.We must make our own decisions to be free.

Very good your reflections

We have been psychologically tuned to believe in the opinion of other people without been able to stand up to defend ourselves, but that is not right at all because everyone should definitely have the right to their beliefs.

Excellent publication friend, although we have been turned towards the path of keeping our opinions within since everyone is scared of death, we just say and do what has been displayed as being acceptable.

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