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RE: BLOCKCHAIN FOR DUMMIES - what would be your explanation? [question from my recent interview]

in Project HOPE5 months ago

Dear @crypto.piotr,

If I had to explain what blockchain is to a novice, I would simply explain this to him:

The blockchain is like an open account book where each transaction is recorded. This account book is shared and stored on different computers around the world. It is therefore almost impossible to modify this book with a fake transaction because the other computers containing the real transactions will prove otherwise.

If we want we can therefore compare each page of the book to a block and like the binding of a book, the blocks are linked to each other with a chain -> blockchain.

I think it's a good start to understand what this technology is, but of course it's a bit more complex than that and just explaining the differences between each blockhain would take hours ;)


 5 months ago 

Thank you for this brilliant comment @lastminuteman
I truly appreciate your time buddy

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