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We all now known about this integration of steem and TRON. Some having opinion this integration give bad results to steemit platform. Due to this, we lose our identity in the market and many more rumours spreading.


In my opinion for each new step in any new field, we having disadvantages along with advantages based on our way of thinking .

But coming to me I strongly believing due to this integration we can see huge positive growth in steem as well as TRON too.

Because both blockchains decentralised and both platform users can earn crypto on publishing their content.Both platforms journeylooking similar ,but in this journey TRON having an amazing identity and Trustworthy ness compared to steem. Now trading in 17th Rank in Coinmarketcap and also trending in No 1 position in gaming Dapps fields and having other platforms like Just swap, Just lend and many more decentralised platforms giving amazing opportunities to users to earn crypto simply.

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That's why it having nearly 16 Million active users in Tron ecosystem and one of the fastest-growing platform also. All this giving good future to steem in coming days.

Coming to steem at present here we having 1 Million + active users, but now having very less active users due to destroy of steem price from last one year, and also it lost its trustworthy ness in the market due to whales domination ,. Hope due to this integration soon we see a bright future for steem also.

What Changes is possible Due to This Integration.

Now it is at the present question in each steemian mind. Maybe we get correct answers for this question in future. In my opinion, we can see positive changes in various categories due to this integration. From this.

1.More Users

I expect soon we see a lot of new investors and users in steem ecosystem. Because TRON having good users, due to this integration now they show interest to buy and hold steem and SBD, And start using steem ecosystem too along with TRON. From this we see more active users, we can possible to increase steem price too.


2.More resources for steemit

This issue we resolve soon due to this integration. At present steem developers having limited resources for promotion, expansion, and long-term sustainability of its ecosystem, this problem resolves due to this integration.


With this integration now we get support from TRON, using this we can develop and improve our needed implementations very easily.’s possible to integrate steemit with other Cryptos

At present for getting success in any project social media to play a big role than Team. Due to this integration now new projects maybe development their tokens using steemit blockchain. Because steem having good active users, this attracts investors to promote their tokens in steemit platform.


Soon we see a lot of new projects working in steemit platform. Hope that day come soon.

4. Huge Growth in price of Steem and TRX

At present both steem and TRX trading an average price of $0.17 and $0.029.This is very low compared to those coins all-time high.

Steem all-time high around $8.57, Coming to TRX $0.3 at present both are bottom stage, so need to work hard together to see the previous price.


For reaching that much it's not so easy for working one person also not possible if we work together nothing is impossible. That's why I invite this integration happily.

From this integration now all steemians start working and invest in TRON ecosystem, at the same time TRON users also start to invest steem platform. From this, we see huge founds exchange in both platforms. From this we can see good growth in both coun price too.

For example, coming to me before integration I don't use TRON platform but now I using daily and also invest my TRON earnings in Tron stacking too. Like those changes start now, hope those give positive results in future. But for this, we need to wait and need patience too.

5.Building trust

I think after steem price huge crash it's lost its reputation and also lost its Trustworthy ness from investors too. This not good sign for any ecosystem, now we need to change this view from investors. It's possible only from collaborative with high reputation project. Now steem platform integrates with TRON so steem reputation also starts increasing. Due to this now possible to attract investors and new users very easily.


Before this announcement we see SBD price get 300% increase within overnight, as that magic we see in the crypto world.SBD price reach around $5.8, it is unexpected growth, no one can't imagine this much price in a short period, but we see this magic due to the integration of steem and TRX.

Hope both steem and TRX get a good reputation, from this possible to see an increase in coun price too.

I think above 5 changes we see from this integration. But these take a long time to achieve but one day it reaches its Target.

Hope that day came very soon. In the crypto world anything possible but need patience.

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I see this integration in a good way because as you mentioned it this will attract new users and new possibilities, it also generates a lot of security which creates trust. For me, this integration was positive, because even other platforms will surely try not to be left behind and will create methods to compete, which is very good too.

Yes i agree with your statement. I am also very happy with this integration but how much growth we get in future its also depend market. Hope we see good growth soon.

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This integration would surely benefit both the steemit as well as the tron ecosystems and increase the use base considerably

This integration would surely benefit both the steemit as well as the tron ecosystems and increase the use base considerably.
Thanks for such a valuable post :))

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Yes both platforms get good postive growth soon. But it take some time.

Thanks for reading my post and valuable comment.

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