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RE: BLOCKCHAIN FOR DUMMIES - what would be your explanation? [question from my recent interview]

On explaning with words about Blockchain technology is very difficult. If you say any thing like how to work,why it develops also,people not possible to understand untill you shows a realtime usecases of Blockchain Technology.

I am working here from last three years but not possible to explain my famy members about blockchain technology because its use cases just started,if you say any thing about it they not trusting my wordsalways ask for proofs.

For proof at present conditions i cont show them because its usecases not available for ordinary persons,when it adoption start then onmy possible to show prrof to them,then oy possible to understand them very easily. Untill we cont possible to explain them ,it is not so easy too.

Need realtime use cases using blockchain technology,then only possible to understand every one.

 5 months ago 

Thank you for this amazing comment @lavanyalakshman

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