Bitcoin is ideology not only money

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Bitcoin is not anly about transfering peer to peer money anonymously. It is a movement against repressed global economic and financial system under central banks.

Satoshi nakamoto is an anonimous figures that make world aware that along the time from early central developed central banks, economy and money are not freedom of properties. The value depends on the inflation rates. The only asset that is not influenced much is gold but the availability of the gold is not accesible to all people in the world. It is also physical asset that is not tranferable eaily.

The only exchanging tool is fiat thay is based on federal reserved. Fiat supply is controlled by central banks in the world, but the central banks fail to halt the growth of inflation because they continue to print money. In this case, printing money is not transparent action that is only noticed by governmant and central banks.

Satoshi nakamoto created bitcoin total supply 21 million. The issuance reduces regularly. is called halving. Bitcoin will be limited supply asset. The price will follow supply and demand.

Has bitcoin and cryptocurrency movement been succesful?

The movement is on going. Of we say it is successful, I say yes. Many new cryptocurrency rich figures are created. There are more people who can not access world financial market now become traders if cryptocurrency. That is a big jump for the disruption of tech behind cryptocurrency.

Unbanked start ups made million usd in raising funds without banks. Thatis amazing where everyone can be an investor for a prospective project. Though, a lot of scam projects, there are many start ups now become a string enterprise in cryptocurrency like coinbase, binance, hupbi and many other start ups.

The ideology and movement of cryptocurrency community has steped up on the world bread of economy and finance. The it is still under 5 % population , the effect of crypto movement has shaken the world financial figures. Some like and others dislike. The authority is also made busy with the tasks to make regulation in cryptocurrency.

In a 500-word essay that accompanied the code, Nakamoto suggested that the motive for creating bitcoin was anger at the financial crisis: “The root problem with conventional currencies is all the trust that’s required to make it work. The central bank must be trusted not to debase the currency, but the history of fiat currencies is full of breaches of that trust.”

This decentralized movement is unstopable.

Who can stop this ideology and movement. Though the movement look unorganized but the spread of it very fast. New projects, with new ideas are created. Every succesful project creates new strong figures with financial wealth in cryptocurrency. The figures will have impact to the sound of crypto to outer world.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is not only financial system but it is an ideology and movement. You are here in the movement and ideolgy of bitcoin.


I am certainly sure where satoshi might be, he will surely be proud of what bitcoin has become

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