Do Not Under Estimate Your Steem Portofolio !

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Your steem account is your presence in internet. it is a portofolio of you. That is why, posting in good quality contents is a must. What are the benefit of your steem account and why you should be careful with your posts?

Here are some benefit of your steem account for your presence in online world.

  1. Personal brand
    Your steem account is your personal brand. Your brand can be seen from your posts. Are your posts taken from copy paste. You can take benefit with good quality posts in your steem. You just show your steem account to make people get to know you. However, when your posts are full of fake information or hatred posts, I think you will have no courage to show off your steem account.

  2. Portofolio for partnership and employment
    Few weeks ago I was accepted as a contributor in
    I did not write too much in my application but I put link of steem account. Then I got an email from dashnation team and accepted me a contributor. I got paid 10 USD for every post. That is not big money but I get additional income from my writing.
    Currenttly, I am looking for other jobs in writing from other publication that can pay me fixed rate.

Steem is a social blogging that is open for public. Every one can see your profile. When you apply for job and the employers get by accident read your hatred posts, what do you think of the decision of the employers after that. You may fail to get a job.

That is why one reason I do not double posts to hive account. I know , that double posting in hive and steem can earn double reward but not good for your portofolio. I prefer to edit some posts when I want to double post in hive or other platforms.

Writing original contents is not an easy work but it pays me more than copy pasting posts. My investment in time and research in original contents earn better. Original contents do not have to be in long words posts but they should be informative and give readers more value. Thanks for reading my posts.


Hello @lebah, you are right that our accounts are letters of introduction. I totally agree. I didn't realize you didn't duplicate the posts. It's a personal decision. Respectable. Congratulations on that achievement. I'm sure that 10 bucks is worth something. Actually here in Colombia, where I live, $10 represents most people's daily salary. So even though it's not a lot of money here, it's quite representative. I don't know where you live, I imagine the expenses and costs are higher.

yes, in Indonesia is too. Though the post is limited about three to four per month , I can buy electricity and pay phone bill with it

[WhereIn Android] (

$10 is quite a lot here I live to earn on a publications as it is even some people monthly salary. I have written to them through their email but I may still awaiting their response I mean dash perhaps I will be considered.

Are you on discord? If yes, can you share me your discord I'd perhaps e can chat about one or two things

I am not realy active in discord. I am in [email protected]

[WhereIn Android] (

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