Endless, OS That Complies With Your Windows

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I had a bad experience with my windows OS. My Pc is only 2 GB ram. The work was slow few days ago. The PC also often failed to boot windows. Then I was looking for some OS that comply with my windows so that I should not clear all my files. Finally, found what I was looking for.


First time I visited the website https://endlessos.com/, I was amazed how look profesional the website. Then I downloaded the software and installed to my PC. It took me hours to install because the connection of my internet was slow , so the download took time.
Once I isntalled, I was amazed that endless was lite and fast OS in my 2 GB RAM. It was android look.

I now have two OS in my PC. I use my windows to keep my old files. The file in your windows can be read in endless but still seen in your windows.


Endless has great features for workspace. You can download many cool apps from office to painting and video editing. The app is light in endless OS.
Screenshot from 20200917 220156.png
I prefer the work space in OS because most my online activities need the apps that are available in the application store.
Screenshot from 20200917 220225.png
There are learning, news, games, multimedia, work, utilities and dev tool. For me, work space makes me feel comfortable. My favorite to edit picture is Krita. I have not try the video editor but I think I will choose one and learn it.
For gamers, I think I can not recomend endless OS because the game is very limited. Lbry users will be happy because the apps is already listed in the store. I think steem should be available in the endless OS.

This is the first steem post via endless OS. I work faster with my new OS. Though my internet connection is not so fast, with the fast load OS, I can make my time more efficient. Endless is free to download, and software updates are automatically included. It's also virus-resistant, saving you money at every step.


I have used windows for years. I found some problem while using windows. Slow loading and fail to boot made me stressfull. Writing and blogging in my crypto space became less productive. I often wait for thirty minutes to load an email and open my steem account. That case had reduce my productivity because in the end I could not write even a post at that day. Fast load helps me increase work more efficient and increase my productivity in writing. I have more time to research and write and upload photos faster.


This is not a paid review. I just want to share my cool experience and help you to work more efficient. Thanks for reading and hope your enjoy my post, don;t forget to follow me @lebah because I will follow you back!

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