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RE: Monday Motivation - Set A Goal

in Project HOPE6 months ago

I write articles or create contents on this great platform for at least two - three times a week and this was what actually led to my Monday Motivation.

That is a great idea that I should try. I sometimes have no ideas when to start writing. I think because I write in random time so my mind is not set up. Monday motivation is a cool idea. Do you write your goal in a paper? I sometimes write but I do not do what I wrote. Too much excuse to do action. Thanks @hardaeborla for your tips and motivation.


Do you write your goal in a paper?

It actually depends on the nature and worth of the goal I wish to accomplish but most of my goals are sometimes offhand while some are written and pasted on the wall which tends to increase my motivation.

Thanks for your lovely comment 😊💖❤️💕

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