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The crypto ban set out by Nigeria said leaders are still in place, although they are unconfirmed rumours that it has been lifted by some groups, it remains unofficial and unannounced. that has not stopped us Nigerians from engaging in crypto regardless.



in fact, we have doubled our efforts in involving ourselves in crypto and the mass adoption continues to increase on a large scale. The logic behind this is simple and his because Crypto has come to stay and no government could stop it.

Just like countries such as Venezuela has adopted cryptocurrencies, Nigerians have started doing the same due to the difficulty of things in the country. The inflation rate of things between these countries are different of course but the hardship in Nigeria seems to be on the rise on the daily basis.

What has caused that of Nigeria has been bad leadership from the government as they remain clueless on how to run a country. Their greed has made them see not the sufferings of the citizens but rather, stacking the resources that were meant for millions of people into their own personal use as been their only concern.

lack of jobs and very low salary payment to government staffs has brought about hunger to households and families, yet the Government see no need to create jobs in the crypto. Well, the youths careless of their jobs now as crypto has offered a lasting solution to this problem.

Countless opportunities exist in the crypto space and Nigerians have made it their mission to tap from the space. The rate at which Crypto has made it possible for some to feed their families has really been breathtaking.

Nigerians are more liberated than ever but this liberation largely is on the youth sides ads the old people are finding it hard to adapt to the new technology. Most believe that they are scam while a whole other lot see it as Ponzi.

the awareness continues and possible before the year runs out, more than half of the population in Nigeria will have more than one coin in their portfolios. Crypto has liberated me and allowed me to dream again and I see no reason why others can enjoy this too. Till next time, will continue preaching the crypto gospel.


This technology will keep going in the mainstream population.

Get it right, Nigerian government didn't ban crypto. They only banned banks from detailing with crypto. If Nigeria government had place a ban of crypto, apps like Binance and many more exchange sites would have been completely restricted to Nigeria. That's the meaning of real crypto ban.

One of the reason for the inflation we are seeing in Nigeria, is because of crypto. People who have made millions from crypto, have changed the price of things also.

I'm a crypto lover, but if half of the population starts crypto in Nigeria, the hardship will only increase and the value of Naira will fall further, which will result to more inflation.

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