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RE: IT'S OFFICIAL! Our new partnership is starting TODAY. Let's see where will it take us ...

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Greetings esteemed @crypto.piotr @roadofrich and @futureshock great initiative, I love that you are worrying about making Steem grow even more and get back on track, particularly I am at your disposal and willing to help in any way I can so that applications and developments like these have enough spread for a greater adoption.

Now, regarding the platform:

  1. First I will talk about its interface, this is comfortable, simple, without registration which makes it very easy to use for anyone who wants to make a change. Point in favor for adoption.

  2. I am a forex and crypto-currency trader, often I am trading, a trader or any user always looks for a platform where the commissions are much lower, in that sense, I would prefer to make the exchange for example in Binance even if it is more steps, but it would be cheaper than the fee I observed in the platform of 1.3$.

  3. One of the largest user bases on the platform are not whales, not even dolphins, as it is in my case, despite having enough time on the platform since 2017, I'm not even a dolphin, and I usually exchange low amounts, by this I mean that in my opinion the platform should be accessible to all those users who are not whales and who handle decent amounts (Low). The pillar of the platform is us the small ones and the idea is that we grow and so the platform grows.

  4. There must be a variety of currencies to exchange, those currencies with more liquidity and also that the transactions are cheap, for example Dogecoin, add ETH, XRP, XLM etc.

These are the most outstanding observations I have about the platform. As I said, I am available to support you. Likewise if more sincere congratulations for the initiative and STEEM ON.

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