"Treating diseases" ... An electronic chip that connects the brain to the computer constitutes a revolution in the world of medicine ...

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A group of scientists have created a 3D brain thin film that could revolutionize the world of medicine and help heal neurological and cerebrovascular diseases.

Scientists have successfully developed the subtilis and tested it in a group of animals, and researchers now hope that it can be adapted for use in humans.

According to the British newspaper "Daily Mail", this thin film can be used to treat diseases of the nervous system, including paralysis, by detecting and launching electrical signals.
Scientists say that this chip will also be able to communicate with a computer and provide a host of medical benefits for the next generation.

Connecting the human brain to a computer is usually the work of science fiction writers and filmmakers, but new research is underway on the thinnest that has made this technology a reality.

In the new study, published in the specialized scientific journal Nature, researchers used a thin, multi-layered slide to stimulate the spinal cord of cats, rats and zebrafish.

The study also showed that the chip is effective on the surface of the brain, nerves, and peripheral muscles, and the technology could allow therapeutic advances for conditions affecting these tissues.

One of the study authors, Professor Evan Menev, working at the University of Sheffield in Britain, says that the research shows how 3D printing can benefit researchers in this field.

The professor added, "The advantage of 3D printing is that it can rapidly change and reproduce prototypes in cultivation again as needed to help advance research and innovation in neural interfaces."
The researcher noted that in the future it is possible to print and manufacture these chips during the surgery process in the operating room within minutes, in line with the condition of each patient.

Experts said that these chips can monitor and sense the minute electrical impulses in the brain and nervous system, which would open great prospects for treating neurological diseases.


Is this the same with the neural chip Elon Musk is trying to develop? It is good that technology is getting better at saving human race.

Kudos should really be given to these scientists who keep thinking out of the box to create something different from the norm to help make humanity leave a better and convenient life.

With the way everything is being hacked this days, is it safe?

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