What are the free things that everyone can benefit from online?

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What are the free things that everyone can benefit from online?
Since we spend most of our time using the Internet on a daily basis in a routine morning and evening circle, and no matter how different our goals and purposes of using it, whether in the completion of work or the collection of culture or entertainment for ourselves, but there are many things that we use and benefit from them permanently.

If you have some websites for anything that others can benefit from, share them with us, whether they are entertainment, educational, cultural, free courses, anything that you can benefit from in your life and you think that others can find it useful to them.

About myself, I recently took advantage of these sites

The first site is for training courses


On this page, the site offers 32 free training courses with accredited certificates in many important disciplines, which people flock to register annually in different colleges such as medical sciences, engineering, information technology, human resources and financial accounts.

The second site is for photos


This free site has over 207,000 photographers contributing over 17 billion photos per month in their own libraries.

You can find any image you want, in very high quality, for any idea or field that comes to your mind from backgrounds, travel, nature, architecture, and animals, until they recently added a list of the image specialized in the Coronavirus under the name COVID-19.

You can download the images without conditions, modify them and use them as you like.

I hope that you will benefit from these sites, and also that you share with us the most important sites that you think it is possible for everyone to benefit from them and learn, regardless of their specializations.

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[WhereIn Android] (http://www.wherein.io)

Your opinion on this matters to you guys
Solange du glücklich bist.


I did not know there was a site for free online learning thank you so much for sharing the link here I will also check it out and take advantage of the opportunity .

Covid-19 has exposed so many people to the positive value of an online network for those who choose to take advantage of the offered opportunity.

I use an app "Canva" where i can use free templates and logos...and alot more things
Anyone can benefit from that app

Hello thank you for sharing the information, I find the two pages interesting I think they will be useful.

See you later 🤝

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