Facebook Invested 43,574 Crore in Realince Jio Project

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Welcome PH members,

This is the biggest investment ever of facebook in India. This deal was done on 22 april. jadhu holdings and LLC subsidiaries given that much amount to jio.

As you know jio is the biggest telecom operator of india and other side facebook is also don't need any introduction so that mean this deal definitely give a benefit to both companies.

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There are lots criticism that libra faced and that's why it is not launched yet. Most of the countries not allowing this type of stable coin.

Other side News of jio's own crypto was heard quite often by sources. But there are not official statement available from jio team about jio coin.

But now sources says that with the help of ambani (owner of jio) he can go ahead in his libra project in india. May be they will do this together.

The things will be more easy soon because time by time the adoption of crypto is taking place. But it is not possible without regulation of crypto.

Well by this deal facebook taken the partnership of 9.99% in jio. and now jio is Debt free. So now it is time to focus on development for them.

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As i said this deal is the beneficial for both because facebook and whatsapp used by most of the people of india and it has access to every house. and jio has 38.8 carore customers in india and it is used widely by customers so jio has good strength too.

By this deal jio want to reach every Shopkeeper of india. As You know blockchain is future and any project can't go ahead by avoiding blockchain. Because sooner or later blockchain will be used by every single person. So this is the most important.

And both companies owner want to dive in crypto but they are facing difficulties so that's why they are not yet in crypto. But mark zuckerberg tried it but he almost failed.

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Well facebook has 9.99% shares in jio but there is other partners as well who are not invested like mark zuckerberg but it is good enough. and it is another total 15% from all those companies.

Intel capital invested 1,894.5 crore. Along with investing world level it is working in sectors such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5g. Reliance also following this path.

Intel, facebook, silver lake, vista activity partners, general atlantic, KKR, mubadala, ADIA, TPG, L catterton & PIF are the investors and partners from last three months of reliance.

Well now reliance market cap is 11 lakh crore in INR which is really huge. Now we have to see that what big things are going to take place that can give a benefit to users.

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Facebook and whatsapp are most popular social media in the world and dhiru bhai ambani is the most richest person of india and owner of reliance jio. As i said above reliance jio has 38.8 crore users and facebook and whatsapp are widely used in india so that mean both company has a solid customer reach.

I care customer benefits so that's why i have shared this information. If customer not get any benefit then there is not possibility that project will grow because customer is the backbone of any project. So you have to do the things that customers wants otherwise you will loss the race.

Anyway i am ending this blog. if you really get some informational things from here then you can reblog it.

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that's a big investment by Facebook, Giants like Amazon, Facebook are very much interested in contributing handsome amounts in India

yes they are planning big together. soon it will come out. thanks for your comment buddy ♥

is an interesting investment and very important i think other big companies They will join these initiatives because they will not want lag behind and let other companies win this race

absolutely true ☻ thank you for comment

That is a big news and this will be a great news for majority of Indians also

it will prove when the project go ahead and give a benefit to local people. thankx for the comment buddy ♥

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