How To generate organic traffic from pinterest on your blog

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Hi there !

I hope you are enjoying these days. Today in this blog i am going to discuss most important topic and sharing tips and tricks to generate extra traffic from social media. and that social media i pinterest.

This is also helpful for blog/website owner too and also for steem and hive users.

I was use it as a parasite seo to generate massive traffic on event blogs. I was create blogs on festivals like new year, christmas, black friday and every major events and festivals.And that time this method is like cool water in summer for me.

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Guys the very first thing that you have to do is divide your topics that you writing daily. For example if you are creating posts on various topics then divide and create a particular pinterest board on each topic with proper optimization.

Here you can see in the image. For example i am sharing airdrop update posts then i give the name of this board "crypto airdrops"

2 1.png

And add proper description with keywords. and also upload relevant profile picture.

6 1.png

after completing all this steps. click on plus icon from your profile. And choose board.

1 1.png

And then add a link of your post that you want to share here.


After adding the link you will see the images and the most important thing is you have to pick HD and attractive images from your post. You can try little clickbait here by adding attractive image.


Now add proper title and description and don't forget to add proper keywords too. Make sure you have chosen relevant board too because it is very important.


You have to follow all above given steps and share your pin on regular basis with proper optimization in your relevant board.

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So guys now here we go. This is additional method that can help you to get traffic from pinterest. Just follow other users and boards and pin other user posts too.

This way you will also get pinshares and followers in return and this is important for fast crawling and indexing to influence more.

So this way your pins will rank easily on search engines because you have already optimzed your board and pins and now you are also getting some engagement from other users.

Remember, if you are not able to get huge followers and attention from other users that does not matter at all you have just few followers and some organic pin shares from other users and it is enough to get the benefit from search engine.

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Now if you have targeted your hive/steem post, you will get outside traffic on your steem/hive blog and you get followers and it is also beneficial for this platform. Newcomers will come too.

And you are targeting this method on your personal blog then you get decent traffic. you have to do it regularly. This is also work as a social signal which will save your personal blog from many google penalties.

This is 100% working method and i have generated many $$$ by this very useful methods in the event blogging. I was received almost 100 + real time traffic only from pinterest om every big event.

And this is very safe traffic for google adsense blog. this will take little time to take effect on long term blog so you have to keep doing it.

In the event blogging i was do it 15 days before the event day.

And it's always worked and especially on happy new year blog it is worked like a rocket.

But yes it takes little time to effect on long term blog. So you have to keep patience. because patience is the key in this type of things. Add attractive and hd images in your post so whenever you share your post on pinterest , your pin will look more attractive and catchy so people can click on it At first sight.

So this is what i want to share. I am ready to give all the answers of your questions that you have. Just share the comments below.

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Really nice... Pinterest has grown a lot and has proven to be a very good source of traffic for small businesses and bloggers. Since it is a visual search engine, people tend to find it very appealing to use the platform to find visual contents.

thanks @chimzycash for your valuable comment ♥

Interesting. I resteemed so I can take a a deeper look later. Thanks

thanks buddy i hope you will like it

Wow! This is really very informative and educative. I've never really thought about this before though maybe because I don't really use pininterest that much though but I guess I may have to try this out.

Thanks for sharing this great post with love from @hardaeborla and I hope you have a great day ahead

you should try it out and it will definitely help you. thanks for your lovely comment

I will keep this in mind for future reference to be used on my website great knowledge shared.

@ben-edom i am really glad that this is helpful for you. thanks for lovely comment ☻

Very good advice, I think I will put it into practice with my blog in the future.

@reinaldoverdu hi there, i hope you will get benefit from this method. thanks for your comment

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