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As usual, I will begin this manuscript by extending a warm greeting to all the users of @Project.HOPE, especially to its founders; @crypto.piotr, @juanmolina, @achim03, @fucho80, @josevas217, @lanzjoseg, @thetimetravelerz, who every day do a hard work to develop and consolidate a reference community within the platform, mainly in the areas of artificial intelligence and cybersecurity, even though, content on science, blockchain, economics, business, marketing, social media, and psychology is also valued.

In recent months, we have witnessed firsthand the incredible growth that @Project.HOPE has been experiencing, thanks firstly, to each of the users who upload content for the label, who in each of their manuscripts seal their commitment to the community and the rest of the users, and secondly, to the strategies promoted by the core team in the quest to increase the Hive Power of the main account, and thus consolidate our own economic independence in the future.

As you may know, in previous times the community was unfairly singled out for problems related to plagiarism and other types of abuses committed by a small group of dishonest users, a phase that in the current context has been largely overcome, however, there will always be hostilities that will seek to destroy the positive image that @Project.HOPE has earned, hence the need to take actions to consolidate our identity as a community that socializes content of proven quality.

Consequently, and based on the positive image that our community has, since last January our friend @crypto.piotr, decided to develop an initiative, which aims to verify that all users of our community are using the Anti-plagiarism Banner, based on the fact that the image has definitely become our seal, and insignia of fight against plagiarism.

I have been supporting this initiative, mainly because I know the enormous potential that our users have as bloggers of technical and academic content, also because I believe that the collective success of @Project.HOPE will mean the individual consolidation of each of us on the platform, hence the reason why in the first two weeks of 2021, we have asked for your support to continue using the banner as you have done so far, and help us to encourage other users to use the image.

In this regard, I must state that out of the base of users contacted, 89 to be exact, only 24 users were using the Anti-plagiarism Banner, which represents 26.9%, a very low figure if we consider that during the month of January 72 users (80.8%) were active and regularly sharing publications for the tag.

It is noteworthy that currently a significant number of users are using the Anti-plagiarism Banner, at the end of February we will be presenting the updated figures, in this sense, on behalf of the core team of @Project.HOPE we want to thank you for supporting this and each of the initiatives that drives the community.


The cover image belongs to the community: @project.hope

Original manuscript, uploaded from the Project HOPE community website


The use of this banner is really something very significant for the community,snd I agree with you that he has given it a very particular stamp, a guarantee that generates trust in each person who reads the content that carries this banner.I have not particularly used it because at the end of my posts I have a link that shows that my posts are unique and original.But in the next few days I would support the community using the banner from now on.

Well, i considered that it is a seal that represents us and elevates the sense of belonging to our beautiful community.

Greetings my friend @reinaldoverdu

Correct, the logo represents a symbol of trust, and the advantage of all this, is that it is precisely PH the community that has consolidated this symbol, therefore it is vital that we get used to use the banner in our publications. Best regards, thank you for leaving your comment, be well.

Hello @lupafilotaxia
An initiative that all of us who belong to the Project Hope community should support.
The use of this banner demonstrates that our content is original.
Best regards.

Greetings @janettyanez

I agree with you, because using the banner even if it is not a guarantee of academic honesty, it is a symbol of transparency with the community. Kind regards, and thank you very much for your appreciation.

Hi @lupafilotaxia.
Yes, I see that there has been a breakthrough in this aspect, I have really seen that they use the banner more now.
Good job.

Greetings friend @josevas217

The idea behind encouraging users to use the banner is that each user can internalize the importance of the logo as a symbol that identifies the community. Best regards, we will keep reading.

Hello friend, excellent publication, I think it is a great initiative for the rest of the members to take into account, we must be more united as a community and ensure to be out of all plagiarism. I think it is a great idea to differentiate ourselves from the rest and have a brand for our community. Many people are already aware of that. Greetings.

Greetings friend @franyeligonzalez good point, the Banner is our brand, something like the symbol that identifies us as a community, whose meaning endorses the struggle of Project.HOPE against any kind of plagiarism. Thanks for expanding the focus of the manuscript, best regards.

Greetings buddy. I must say, this is a nice initiative. I have been using the banner for my PH posts and I advise others to keep using it to help us fight against plagiarism.
Nice one

Greetings friend @samminator

Thanks for being part of the most consistent users in the active use of the anti-plagiarism banner, we would like you to help us encourage other users in your group to get used to use the banner. Be well, we keep reading.

Honestly, I don’t like this banner. Just as I don’t write in the posts that “I’m not a thief or a murderer”. Possibly with another text like "Our community supports plagiarism-free blogging" or "Our community takes the strongest action against plagiarism"

Greetings @deathcross, we respect those users who do not agree with the content of the banner, or even with using any banner. What you express about the content makes quite sense, I will forward your proposal to the core team.

 10 months ago (edited)

hi @deathcross, @lupafilotaxia

Honestly, I don’t like this banner.

Im sorry to hear that you don't like this banner. However, I hope you do understand why we're politely requesting our members to use it? It helps us to limit time we need to spend trying to "spot" any plagiarized posts.

Our assumption is, that no one who use such a banner would have enough "balls" to plagiarize.

Also, seeing similar banner posted by regular PH members should make new members more aware that we're against plagiarizm.

Perhaps you can create different banner, which would look more "the way you like it"? :)

Cheers, Piotr

This banner.... I always forget to use it all the time and I apologize about that, I will bear it in mind more often.

Greetings @oluwatobiloba

The main idea of this initiative is to create a sense of belonging in the users, since the anti-plagiarism banner is a kind of community symbol that identifies us as a community. Best regards.

 10 months ago 

Thanks @oluwatobiloba

We both would appreciate it greatly.

 10 months ago 

I appreciate you taking the time to offer us these figures on the use of our anti-plagiarism banner. I personally did not know that its use had decreased.

Hopefully, with this initiative and promotion, new users will start using our distinctive banner.

Greetings dear friend @juanmolina

Certainly, the numbers are low, so I think the anti-plagiarism banner should be used as a symbol that identifies Project.HOPE, or as an image to convey positive messages beyond the fight against plagiarism itself, for example; community integration, commitment and honesty. Greetings, be well and thank you very much for your trust.

 10 months ago 

Greetings, be well and thank you very much for your trust.

Being your friend is a true honor for me.

I seen your post and it reminded me to put a banner in my post :)

Hello @fijimermaid

Kind regards, that is the objective of the initiative to awaken co-responsibility with the community. We will keep reading.

Greetings @lupafilotaxia certainly is an initiative that we must follow all users who make life daily in @project.hope, the idea is to maintain a constant number of quality publications and complying with regulations to avoid plagiarism.

Hello Professor @madridbg

Correct, all users who identify with the work done by PH, by relevance and co-responsibility we should read the initiative as a commitment to consolidate quality publications that are socialized in the community. Best regards.

Greetings friend @lupafilotaxia, this is a very good initiative within the community to discourage any attempt of plagiarism, good that you have highlighted how many users are using it, so those who have not yet done so will know that it is something important and also join the initiative.

Hello friend @emiliomoron

On behalf of the Project.HOPE core team, thanks are extended to you for being one of the most consistent users with the use of the anti-plagiarism banner. Regards.

@lupafilotaxia, this is great. I had really missed stuffs here in project hope community. I am glad to be back to duty, thanks for this post, I never knew this banner is open for all to use.

Hi @talktofaith

The Project.HOPE anti-plagiarism banner is free to use and the idea is that our users identify with this symbol of the community in its fight against plagiarism. Best regards, be well, we keep reading.

@lupafilotafia, alright.
Thanks for shading more light on it. I will sure use the banner.

 10 months ago 

I appreciate you taking the time to offer us these figures on the use of our anti-plagiarism banner. I personally did not know that its use had decreased.

Hopefully, with this initiative and promotion, new users will start using our distinctive banner.

Greetings dear friend @lupafilotaxia.

I think it is a great initiative to follow up on the use of this plagiarism-free tag, and we also know that there is a team working with the detection of plagiarism in the community and thus give more meaning to the use of this tag.

Thanks friend for your great contribution to the growth of the community. Many successes for you and your family.

Hello Professor @rbalzan79

First of all, on behalf of the PH core team we thank you for being one of the most consistent users in the active use of the anti-plagiarism banner. The initiative also aims to facilitate the work of the curators team, as those publications that use the banner give us an orientation of the user's commitment against plagiarism. Be well, we keep reading.

Dear friend @lupafilotaxia I strongly feel that original content that comes straight from the heart and the mind is the biggest strength of our community.
I feel such content can create a direct link to the heart and mind of the reader.
Putting a banner is the deceleration that we support originality and is a very welcome move.
I know you have been connecting with the community members and urging them to use the banner and this is a very good thing.
Good luck with this initiative of your.
May you earn well and flurish in the community

Greetings @thetimetravelerz

The initiative was taken by @crypto.piotr, in my case I have only been establishing contact with PH members, mainly because I liked the initiative, and also because I believe that the anti-plagiarism banner should become a symbol that identifies us on the platform, where each user who uses it is sealing his sense of relevance to PH. Thanks for your good wishes.

Dear @lupafilotaxia I see you are working hard within the community. Good luck with your efforts and take care

Hello @lupafilotaxia, I think it is excellent that they are doing this monitoring and I encourage the correct use of the banner

Greetings @tocho2

The initiative, in a way beyond monitoring, aims to find a way for PH members to identify with the Banner, and to see it as our symbol of the fight against plagiarism. Thanks for leaving your comment. Greetings

 10 months ago 

Thank you for this post @lupafilotaxia,
resteemed already.

Hi friend @crypto.piotr, thanks to you for all the effort to consolidate a great community, and for ensuring that its members socialize quality content. Best regards.

Dear @lupafilotaxia You are an active member of roProjectHope namely, @Project.HOPE,
The way the founders and members @crypto.piotr, @juanmolina, @achim03, fucho80, @josevas217, @lanzjoseg, @thetimetravelerz have presented them and have been able to present timely campaigns to prevent theft is accurate and timely. Always smiling and the right organizer @Crypto.piotr I always try to give importance to such initiatives and will continue to do so in the future.
Hope to,
From Bangladesh

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