March month of permanent emergency in Venezuela

From the social and economic point of view, the arrival of March for Venezuela has multiple readings, because it was precisely in March 2020 when the Venezuelan government took measures to curb the increase in the number of cases of Covid-19 infections.

Fig. 2 Although the Venezuelan government established disinfection programs, they did not have a direct impact in curbing the outbreaks of contagion. Image of public domain, Author: Modovisible, 2020

Among the drastic measures or decisions that the Venezuelan government decided to implement via official decrees to face the threats of the Covid-19 pandemic, the following are listed:

✔ State of national alarm to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.

✔ Suspension of classes at all levels of education.

✔ Suspension of all work activities by region.

✔ Suspension of domestic and international flights.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that simultaneously the Venezuelan government, within the set of decisions, also stipulated the restriction of public gatherings and any type of celebration involving the agglomeration of people.

Fig. 3 In the streets of Venezuela there was evidence of a lack of control in the enforcement of social distancing. Image of public domain, Author: Modovisible, 2020

In this regard, almost a year after the implementation of this series of measures in Venezuela, it is necessary to consider the impact of these decisions. For example, in spite of the strict suspensions of activities and the prolonged cycles of quarantines and isolations, the Venezuelan health system collapsed in a brutal way, which reiterated the serious public health situation that Venezuela had already been experiencing.

In addition to the delicate public health situation in Venezuela, the lack of control of the state was also evident, since in spite of the calls for maximum awareness, serenity and balance, the decimated business sector ignored the calls to close or paralyze work activities, an action that in a certain way allowed the country to avoid total economic collapse, however, it still continues to be in a permanent emergency.


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Hi @lupafilotaxia!
Since the beginning of this pandemic, I have considered that it is very difficult for our country to comply with an isolation and paralyzation of the economic sector since here the needs, especially food needs are being covered day by day and of course the poor state of the health sector is evident. We keep the hope of getting out of this situation soon. Greetings!

Hello dear friend @lupafilotaxia.

As usual another great article that you share with us on this occasion, actually time flies, with the arrival of the pandemic of covid-19 are many restrictions that have been established in order to stop the chain of infection of this terrible disease that plagues the planet in full.

At this point there are many knowledge that have been obtained and have helped to combat this pandemic, thanks friend for sharing such an important article with us all. Many successes for you and your family. Best regards.

Greetings friend, incredible that it has already been a year since the beginning of the quarantine in our country, certainly the government measures had great impact on the economy and society, although in some ways these measures allowed them to overcome situations such as the fuel deficit in the country, the truth is that we are still in emergency and cases continue to increase.

Hello dear friend @emiliomoron

Correct, the cases are still on the rise, and the worst thing is that the government yesterday announced that in the country there were people who contracted the Brazilian strain, an element that puts new outbreaks at risk. Best regards, friend Emilio, thank you for leaving your appreciation.

Greetings @lupafilotaxia to make an objective evaluation that allows us to visualize if the measures taken were positive or not is a difficult task, unfortunately as a pee we were already carrying serious consequences of measures that were not timely and these together with the arrival of covid-19 dramatically aggravated the entire Venezuelan economic system. Thank you for your

Hello dear friend @madridbg, certainly the arrival of the coronavirus in the country worsened the sad situation that Venezuela has been experiencing socially, economically and politically for more than 7 years. Thanks for leaving your appreciation.

Hi dear @lupafilotaxia
I believe that we will be in an emergency until 2022, although the Russian vaccine has already arrived and I know medical personnel who have been vaccinated, they will not be enough to lift the emergency

Hello friend, the truth is sad, because it is not only March Venezuela has been bad for a long time and we all know it. Now with all these measures everything bad is intensified. I hope that soon everything will improve and that other areas can be activated to continue producing and living a little better. Greetings and thanks for your opinion.

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