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RE: The Proposed Future of the Aviation Industry

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This is a much bigger issue than the mainstream media will ever lead the public to believe. I have a bachelors and masters in this craft and I can tell you that crypto is made for aviation economies. I can also say that we need to focus on general aviation, but we as a society can not even agree that a college education is a good thing. And if we cannot do that, then how are even regional exchanges supposed to work together for good, let alone long distance travel?

 3 months ago 

I have a bachelors and masters in this craft and I can tell you that crypto is made for aviation economies

I wonder, why would you think that crypto is made for aviation economies?

International transactions and networks.

Aviation companies need to move passengers, luggage and postals around. Think about getting from one country to another all the while switching are carriers. Especially when it comes to regional stuff, its tough dealing with multiple companies.

When this is done on an international level it's highly problematic. Just the issue of currency conversions can strain an operation.

Additionally aviation deals with a lot of emerging technologies. Cryptocurrencies will soon beer synonymously with digital assets.

I'm quite certain cryptocurrencies are the product of aviation. Indeed, the internet and computer science professionals are behind Bitcoin.

However what would the world be like if there were no airplanes. Amazon would not be moving goods around and hence the need for cryptocurrencies would not have been so obvious. The aviation business is not like other businesses. No airliner has ever been profitable when it begins international operations. Hence government subsidies.

Digital assets in aviation is likely the underlying reasons for many unexplained economic conditions. To me it's obvious, but then I have a master's and been in direct communications with money people in the profession. I'm sure any avid flyer would begin to see the real world use cases and unparalleled advantages of crypto for travel.

 2 months ago 

thanks for your great reply @machnbirdsparo

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