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Greetings and welcome again to this space of socialization of contents of technological character, biosecurity and crypto-currencies. This issue is intended to continue deepening the use of technology in environmental care and preservation. As it has been everyday, we will share this kind of information through the community of @project.hope who have been at the forefront of these issues.

In this sense, we will be dealing with the technology behind the self-forming membranes developed by means of nano-tubules that allow the elimination of harmful residues for the planetary systems and that can be associated to polluting substances generated by industrial activities, materials that can be presented in the solid, liquid and gaseous state of matter, according to their origin and production.

Fig. 2. Representation of nanotubules created from carbon. Own work, (2020)

Therefore, the self-forming membranes is a mechanism implemented that allows the separation of substances of different types and where the element silver (Ag) is used in its elaboration since it allows a greater physical and chemical interaction with the substances present in the waste.

This particularity of elaborating the material in function of silver makes the use of the device expensive and thanks to the researchers of Newcastle University who have developed a specialized mechanism that allows separating the polluting gases from the air (Carbon dioxide) without affecting the levels of nitrogen and oxygen present in it, where they replace the additive silver by carbon nano-tubules similar to those implemented in the nano robotics. The carbon nanotubes can have a diameter of approximately 1 nanometer, which are wrapped in a layer generating a kind of transparent cylinder.

Fig. 3. Formation of nano-tubule structures. Arnero, 2020.

The innovative aspect of this type of membrane is that it can considerably reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the air and that it can be implemented in different industrial, pharmaceutical, scientific and automotive areas so that it acts as a coffee filter and the toxic substances can be treated separately, so that they are structurally and molecularly modified, making them harmless to the biotic systems of our planet.

Fig. 4. Carbon dioxide is one of the main enemies of planetary health. Gerd Altmann

As expressed by Paul Shearing, co-author of the device,

We have developed and applied X-ray images that have allowed us to evaluate the behavior of the self-forming membranes, where the results allow us to infer that they will have a preponderant role in the decarbonization of our planet.

¿Hy work in terms of reducing the amount of carbon dioxide in the air?

This question can be repetitive or monotonous, but it is necessary to remember that the planetary balance has been affected by the activity of man and today we perceive alarming figures in the temperature of our planet, which has been caused by the amount of carbon dioxide and other pollutants that have accumulated at a tropospheric level and do not allow infrared radiation from the sun, leaving the planet as waves of lower energy because these substances act as a barrier.

Generating phenomena such as the greenhouse effect, acid rain, photochemical smog, among others, which affect planetary biodiversity and climate change in our environment, where there is a considerable increase in natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, among others).

Fig. 5. The increase of the planetary temperature has generated an increase in natural disasters. David Mark

Therefore, it is indispensable from my conception to develop devices that allow to shovel so difficult situation that as planet we are living and where the self-forming membranes can be useful to achieve to revert this condition.

Dear reader, there are several technological advances that we can observe on a daily basis. Undoubtedly, implementing this type of technology to mitigate the adverse effects that we have caused to our environment gives an added value to this initiative. Therefore I invite you to leave your perception about this device in the comment section.


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