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RE: #ProjectHope, a great Multidisciplinary team

in Project HOPE11 months ago

Thanks for the introductions. I'd met @crypto.piotr quite a while ago, and have been following ProjectHope since its inception.

It's wonderful to finally see the "faces" behind the most prominent names involved in the project, and to learn more about you all and how you are involved.

All the best!

 11 months ago (edited)

Dear @majes.tytyty, Sir.

Thanks to your Vocab Practice series, I was able to obtain grammar resources to improve my writing a bit. That was how I met you.
Over time I learned to appreciate you much more. You helped me once when I got sick. You are a gentleman and a great person.
God bless you.

Thanks for your kind words. I did not realize how much I had helped you, so I appreciate hearing from you. I too have always looked forward to your input.

All the best!

 11 months ago 

I appreciated it.

 11 months ago 

Hi @majes.tytyty

I'd met @crypto.piotr quite a while ago.

Wow I hope to have that great honor of meeting him and his wife and the mascot of our team.

And have been following ProjectHope since its inception.

Thank you for following us and thanks for the support.

You are also part of our team. by people like you this project goes on.

Greetings friend.

My pleasure. As for the "Piotr family," I met Piotr a number of times, and I met his beautiful wife once. I never met the mascot, but I'm sure he is also a wonderful being. :-)

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