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Who is a problem solver?

Before we look into who a problem solver is, firstly who is a solver and what does problem means.

A problem can be defined as an unanswered question or a difficulty that needs to be resolved while a solver is one who thinks about a problem and gives solutions to the problem. in a nutshell a solver is a thinker.

Therefore a problem solver is one who thinks about unaswered questions and find answers to them or one who gives ease to a difficult task..
A problem solver can be anyone as long as the person profers solution to difficulties,

Listed below are some examples of problem solvers
Bill gate
Micheal Faraday
Albert Eistein
Ben Carson etc


1. They are great thinkers:

there is no problem solver who doesn't think. they are always thinking of solutions to problem. Problem solvers are called thinker because they don't reason the way others do, they reason on a different and higher level.
They see the problem like a game of chess where every step is been calculated and strategized to suit them and make them win. The game is between them and the situation at hand. It is believed that most problem solvers has higher Intelligent quotient. They are mostly regarded as geniuses.
This set of people think big and act small.

2. Sees every problem as a blessing:

A problem solver doesn't shy away from problems, they see every problem as a blessing in disguise. All they have to do to unlock the blessing is to find a way around the problem and look for a solution.

3. They are risk takers:

all problem solver in one way or the other are all risk takers. Without them taking risk most inventions we see today won't have been in place. They know the outcome of the solution they want to give might not be so fruitful but they are never afraid of the outcome. They give it a trial and see how efficient it will be.

4. They create opportunity out of problems:

most of the great inventions we know today are because the problem solvers created an opportunity for themselves. The first person to build a car saw that it wasn't too pleasant for people to trek or make use of camels and donkeys or the stress of riding a bicycle he thought about an invention which will make it easier for people to be transported. He came up with and idea and boom he solved a lot of problem at once. He didn't create an opportunity for himself alone he created opportunity for millions of people. He is made money while selling cars also alot of people are been employed because of his innovation, so also alot of people feed by driving cars today, so every problem silver must be able to create opportunity out of every problem.

  1. They take advantage of the problem at hand and ensure it is solved and becomes a source of income to them.
6. They are persistent:

Problem solvers don't give up on giving solutions easy. They are always determined to get a solution irrespective of the time or years it will take for them to get there. A great example is the story of Thomas Edison who invented the light bulb, he failed for about a thousand time before he became successful with the project. He was determined and so persistent never to give up on the solution to darkness until he gets one

7. They are not mediocre:

mediocrity simply means the quality of been average or ordinary. All problem solvers aren't average they go extra miles than been average. They ensure they are the best and not average. Average people don't think big, they just do what others do and get the results others get.

8. They try things differently:

problem solvers always try things differently so as to get a different and better results than before. They don't move with crowds or follow the directions everyone is following, they will rather create their own path to achieve a better and outstanding results.


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  1. They try new things out
  2. They gather experience in any way they can, through books, research etc.

There are few steps (which are listed below) to take if one wants to become a problem solver;
Step 1. Look for problems: the first thing to do to be a problem solver is to look for existing problems that needs solutions or a problem that has been solved but needs a better solution than it was before.
Step 2. Think big and create solutions to the problems: this is where all the task lies you have to be able to think big and wide enough to know how to solve that problem. But this can't be achieved except this has been done

I. Read more about the situation at hand
ii. Try to gather works that has been done on that problem before and see how far they have gone with finding a solution for it. In this case make a lot of research by reading, surfing the nets and speaking with people
iii. Mingle with people with like minds who can always put you through while on the journey of proffering solutions. A tree can't make a forest so sometimes you might need more hands to achieve your goals remember 2 head is far better than one.


The importance of problem solver can't be disregarded especially when there are more than 1 problem solver in a location. The more the problem solver the more their importance in a certain region.

  1. They make things easier for multitudes
  2. They create job opportunities for people
  3. They create wealth opportunities for people
  4. It stops monopolization when there are alot of problem solvers
  5. It brings about influence for a state or country


  1. They are highly regarded wherever they go to.
  2. It brings about wealth for themselves and their generations.


There is nothing without it's own disadvantage. Here will we be looking at the disadvantage of a problem solver to his / herself and to the society at large.

  1. When there is just one problem solver in a nation of state it causes monopolization which isn't too good for the nation. Such problem solver considers himself as god and does anyhow he or she likes. They tend to make rules which might not be too pleasant for the society but because there is no other option people tend to go by the rules
  2. It is time taking/ consuming for the problem solver
  3. It brings about over stressing the brain to get a solution at some point

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Hello @mandate

It is not at all easy to intervene as a mediator for problem solvers, and more if these arise in your environment whether it is family or work, however, we must put all our effort so that the people we estimate maintain a healthy relationship, I agree with you to see each problem as a blessing, since from that perspective we have solved half the problem and

Best regards, all right.

Hello friend, excellent features, I agree with you, I think we should all be problem solvers, problems will always appear and we must learn to face them. That makes us stronger and self confident. Greetings.

I agree with you what you said in this post and definitely we need to be the one who is always having solution oriented approach towards problems because this is very much needed to avoid unnecessary issues and things can be sorted out in less amount of time.

@tipu curate

I agree with you what you said in this post and definitely we need to be the one who is always having solution oriented approach towards problems because this is very much needed to avoid unnecessary issues and things can be sorted out in less amount of time.

@tipu curate

hello @mandate
These people who solve anything that comes their way through the power of their effort and imagination are really worth a lot anywhere. Becoming a problem solver can help you and others, so I guess it's a step many of us should risk taking and learn little by little.

Everyone should be a problem solver, but currently we have seen without solving someone's problem we try to make it more complicate it. If everyone would be solving someone's problem this will be no problem.

Good morning friend, I think we all have the ability to be a problem solver, and we are, small or large we are. good day.

In this part of the world we definitely need more problem solvers rather than problem makers. Nice piece

Problem solvers are great people that are needed in every sphere of human life as well as political and every organizational setting, they make sure that things are in place and they think very much ahead of others.