How we fail our plans

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We as a human being, we are created with this mindset planted in us that we must be ambitious because we are meant to dominate but how can we dominate if we are not Ambitious.

Most time we come up with a lot of plans we have that we think or felt is going to help us achieve our goals.


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Goals which might be in the area of financially, academically, physically, health wise and many more but one thing is that we are not always able to carry out our plans

And at the end of the day, we say our plan fails us when we have not even carried out the plans and try it out to see whether it truly fails us or we are just the one who fails the plans.

Don't get me wrong, they are actually some plans which doesn't always favour us achieving our goals but that's not where I am going today.

But the aspect I am talking about today is actually why our plans fail us

Most time we don't give order of importance to our plans in terms of what are the decision we should actually take concerning making our plans to be fully utlised and achieved.

You want to be a successful entrepreneur, you have set out your plans but you are not even taking steps towards making that plans to work out, definitely your plan will fail you at the end of the day not knowing to us that we are actually the one who fails our plans

Whatever plans we draft out, let us always have this in mind that plans needs us to be achieve. It is not only enough for us to draft out plans when we are not taking steps to make that plan to work out well.

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You are right by what you said. I have seen people who tried and just give up while some try at all before they criticise. If you don't try you will always fail on your plan. Even though you plan, carry out the plan and fail, smile because you have done something amazing. Just retry, this time around, you aren't starting afresh but you starting from experience.

Exactly. Many people need to read and know this

Hello friend, the truth is that I think we have to have very well established our objectives in order to draw a good plan. We must be constant people so as not to give up what we have planned, sometimes it is not easy, but we must have willpower. Successful people are not made by leaving everything in the middle, on the contrary, they always go ahead in spite of the adversities. Greetings!

Exactly. We must constant not to always give up on our plans

Exactly. We must
Constant not to always give
Up on our plans

                 - mandate

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It isn't ever enough to make plans or have them written down but working towards the direction of getting the plans achievable makes all the difference.

You are right. The main deed is to work towards the plan

Certainly a plan by itself does not guarantee anything, we must put great effort to carry it out and complete it, the plan can be flexible and adapt to the circumstances while it is being made, but the objective must be clear and we must have the purpose to achieve it.

That's true. By us putting effort to achieve it, it becomes achievable