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RE: IT'S OFFICIAL! Our new partnership is starting TODAY. Let's see where will it take us ...

in Project HOPE3 months ago

The is a very good initiative to hear about concerning the steemit platform.

For so long, I also have been wondering what system will rise up to cover the void blocktrade has created by no more functioning on the steemit blockchain and glad to see steem scan rising up to do that.

I just check it out and I must say I am already in love with the way it looks. Definitely it will be acceptable all around the platform and it will go well.

To see the leaders of the community working diligently in moving this steemit platform forward is something to celebrate them for also. 👏.

With our collective effort, the sky is just the starting point for the platform.

A big shout to @Crypto.piotr for his effort also towards moving the platform forward.

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