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Let me take it slow to start with because from the topic, it might quite look confusing to many people.


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First of all what is saving?

A reduction in cost or expenditure or money set aside for the future.

Then what is investment?

Investment is A placement of capital in expectation of deriving income or profit from its use or appreciation.

If you noticed one major difference between the two is when it comes to saving, there is no expectation of income or profit while it is much more involved or deals manly about the profit in investment.

I have seen many people trying to say saving is investment. When I save I am investing. Actually that can be true to an extent but that's not Definetely true.

When you save, your money might not yield profit or income which is against the major law backing the rules of investment.

Now many people save and consider it investment and let say after many years, they come back to check on their saving. They are disappointed of it not yielding profit or income for them or as they expect which is what is expected.

But you seen the other person placing his bet on investment and his main thinking and expectation is that after many months or years to come, that will yield profit for him. That's what is called investment.

I will say not all saving are investment as many people keep misinterpreting it but
Every investment is a saving in disguise (If it yeild positive investment) as many people didn't understand.

Or what do you think.

What is the difference between Saving and investment??

I will be waiting for your contribution in the comment section below....

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I believe that saving is only good to practice when an economy is not inflationary, while when an economy is like Venezuela's with high percentages of inflation it is not advisable to save, investment is always good in any case as long as we invest with concern and knowledge. Greetings and thanks for sharing.

Like I always say, the only money that has the propensity to generate profit is the one that has been invested and not the one saved. Obviously, saving is very different from investing as you have said. One thing that differentiates them is the generation of profit.
Nice piece buddy

I believe that saving is the healthiest option we can use, Well, it allows us to prepare for any unforeseen event in the future.Although both options are useful.

To save and to invest are two different things although sometimes we have to save enough in order to be able to invest properly must we must also be prepared for the days of loss and wins.

I believe that saving works well when you have a stable economy, saving money serves to guarantee having a reserve to cover an emergency, but fundamentally it is not an investment, I believe that an investment will always be the best option when it is done responsibly, since it has a risk associated with it.

hi dear @mandate

they come back to check on their saving. They are disappointed of it not yielding profit

This is how saving is saving and nothing more, many see it as an investment because they are compulsive spenders, they know that if they had not saved they would have wasted that money

from my point of view saving is the main investment in which a person should focus his efforts, saving money means an increase of your wealth in time, investments on the other hand means the possibility of losing that saving, everything accumulates and that is one of the Great truths of the world, start saving to attract good investments is a wiser way of thinking than investing everything you have with the hope of increasing that capital.

To save and two invest are very good and important but cannot be considered as the same terms, the act of saving is keeping your earned finance in a secured position without any assurance of it yielding any tangible returns while investment on the other hand is putting your money to work which may either yield a loss or gain.

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Dear @mandate

Solid read buddy. Yet another interesting choice of topic.

So my question is: if I use my FIAT savings to purchase BTC, hoping that it will allow me to protect my wealth from inflation. Would you consider it investment or saving?

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To me, I guess I will say it has turned to investment because bitcoin to me is an investment not actually a saving. Bitcoin is an investment asset to me not a saving assets though.

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