Why People find it difficult to Save

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I remember growing up and been gifted either money, snacks or any other stuffs that is eatable or spendable. After showing it to my mom and dad and I was given go ahead, instantly without not wasting it, those snacks get consumed by me and the money been spend rapidly either on snacks also or on sweets.


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Growing up as a little kid, what do we really know about saving. Even though we continue to hear the world save. Saving in this term I am talking about in the financial world. Times flies and growing up to realise the full Importance attached to saving.

One thing that saving always help you is that you can find somewhere to lean to and run to when you are faced with some financial emergency needs.

Spending some time to even enlighten people about the importance saving, some people still find it difficult to save. And through be told if you analysis some people financial condition, you will agree with me that definitely it is always hard to save. Some people even get to break down their wages or salary completely even before it been received.

And at the end of the day, you find out that some people find it to save even though they wish to save and even though they know the importance of saving.

Now let me throw this question to you

Why do you think people find it difficult to save??

I will be waiting for your contribution in the comment section below....

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Hi @mandate, nice challenge.

I particularly think that there are many people who do not have the ability to save. In most cases, people attend to their basic needs, and although there are other needs or things that can help them lead a better life, they decide to purposely ignore them, however, when they get a more abundant income, they begin to bring all those other things that they had thrown into the "recycle bin" and bought them.

That is, the more they have, the more they spend.

In the case of Venezuela, it is almost impossible to think about saving.

That's my opinion, thanks for sharing!

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while saving is very important, not everyone has the ability to save effectively due to a lot of factors.

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Life with it's everyday fascinating and enjoyable activities always gives us more reasons to spend even when we know how important it is for us to save.

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