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RE: Community of the Week Challenge entry for PROJECT.HOPE Community

The project is very valuable and very firm in its objectives.
We prioritize content creators, who are willing to invest their own time also to engage with others.

Here's respect. Here's confidence. Here is value for time.

Similarly, when I read statements how are you, I tell myself, this is management.

Onboarding new users isn't our priority for us as we believe that it's crutial to ensure that already existing userbase will not continue shrinking.

A city can be a great similar. People living in the city should live well with all amenities, with every comfort, welfare and quality of life. Because if not, they simply move to another city.

The priority at this time in Steemit is to "keep" the existing users and gradually attract new users. I agree whit you on that thing.

I support them with resteem to reach larger audiences.

I'm pleased to be able to help, support and participate in this community.

Best regards, @crypto.piotr and @project.hope

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I only realized a moment ago that I never thanked you for this awesome and supportive comment :))