MAXUV Weekly Statement & Token Distribution - 12 July 2020 [MAP Steem FinTech]

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Welcome to our weekly MAXUV account statement.

Our hybrid votes-and-rewards model seems to be working well, with total income significantly higher than anything else I've seen.

The new data presented below has been posted for a few weeks now, so I'd like from next week to just write about any highlights, rather than talking through every number.

Before that, I'd just like to announce that we have started posting at Project HOPE and have added the @ph-fund account as beneficiary. I hope to also go back to a few more posts per week on general trends in the cryptosphere. Also these weekly accounts are posted for the benefit of members, I hope that the general information presented about the Steem blockchain will be useful to a wider audience. Much of what happens regarding votes and rewards depends on these global parameters, so that any personal success is always within the context of the whole economy. Thanks also to @crypto.piotr for discussing in more details his PH initiative and my own set of MAP FinTech projects.

The overall fund, in terms of value and voting power, has been stable this week, but what we are seeing is the income finally dropping to more sustainable vales. We have become used to some inflated values but this week has seen a significant drop in the yield of a Steem upvote. This is a global parameter and nothing we can do about this apart from work within this economy.

Having said that, a gross return of some 44% APR remains historically high. Even the net estimate of 26% is above the maximum dlease of 21%.

A reminder from previous posts, that the voting will remain at 100% for 2,000 tokens, but the capital limit has been raised to 5,000 tokens for a share in the weekly rewards.

This is really good value in a market where delegation leases are at an average of about 19% APR, and even then you'd need to delegate at least 1,000 SP. I know that many members will experience fluctuating returns on votes but that is largely due to the non-linear nature of the new reward curve. However, the reward distributions are proportional to the tokens held and make up for this.

The difference between MAXUV and MAPR is that MAXUV will have no delegators and will be paying out in MAXUV tokens whereas MAPR does accept delegators, pays out in tokens to auto-compound but does not give upvotes nor measures posting activity.

I hope these two programs will help members achieve greater rewards from both staking and posting.

Enjoy your week!

The MAXUV headline figures are:

MAXUV tokens active = 30,345
SP in MAXUV = 15,270
Voting SP = 24,248
Other STEEM = 1195
Total STEEM = 16,465


Estimated Gross Earnings = 8.51 STEEM per 1000 MAXUV = 44.3% APR
(8.51 = 6.76 votes + 1.75 income)
Estimated Net Earnings = 5.13 STEEM per 1000 MAXUV = 26.7% APR
(5.13 = 3.38 votes + 1.75 income)

Total MAXUV Distribution = 53.0 STEEM

Note that "Other STEEM" is the sum of all holdings not powered up as SP: liquid STEEM and SBD plus holdings within Steem Engine. Also note that such values are volatile, especially any holdings priced in US$, so the above numbers are a snapshot and may have changed when you look at the @MAXUV account.

The Asset Backed Value (ABV) is our total holdings calculated in STEEM divided by the number of active MAXUV tokens.

Full details of how the MAXUV token operates can be found at our launch document, although there have been tweaks and updates since.

Any questions, please ask in the comments below or in our public chatroom.

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Great to find out. How can I join and where can I start

Hi, thanks!
Just go to MAXUV on Steem Engine.
I see the token is currently available well below its standard 1.0 STEEM price - that's OK, it's what the market is for.
You may also wish to read back a few weeks, just to see how the program has progressed, especially since the recent changes.

 3 months ago 

Hi @maxuv

I believe that this new alliance is of great benefit to everyone.

Welcome to our community that strives for the constant growth of all of us who have a good relationship within the platform.


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