How to accelerate cryptocurrency adoption by improving friendly user experience

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You would agree with me that despite the crypto technology been introduced for quite a couple of years now, these technology still have lot of limitation which ranges from finding it hard to strike the landmark of being accepted by majority of users around the world, millions of users are still skeptic about the existence of blockchain technology although the technology in term of security and transparency have enormously attained a great horizon of trust by those using blockchain technology.

When internet connection got introduced I couldn't believe it because on movie I was seeing people sending messages through wire connection with just a single click of a botten which in before these new invention were introduced sending messages to loved ones takes weeks or days to get delivered.

Just a simple question for all crypto users, how do you explain or introduce crypto currency to your friends?
It's kinda hard sometimes to tell or convince a friend about the existence of blockchain technology he/her will have tons of questions to ask you something you would just refer them to google.

To accelerate these adoption among users some certain things need to be put into consideration.

Although I've been into blockchain technology for quite some years now I would say I still lack some basic principles on how these technology works, even most expert in these field are still limited to lots of secrets principle governing these technology.
With this I can say for crypto currency to be massively adopted in the world it has to be simplified to basic that even a 4 years old kid can explain chain principle to other users.
Just the way normal fiat currency is well accepted by all, a kid knows a dollar when he sees one this is how digital currency need to be simplified.

scalability and flexibility is a major factor in adoption of crypto technology if blockchain network are more easily accessible for even a layman to understand and have access it adoption will increase massively.
It technology should be convenient for users to easily access.

The world is open to suggestions add yours by commenting let's make the digital world convenient for all users.
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