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Steemscan review
Steemscan has a very considerable exchange rate these are the first thing every trader will virtually look into when making an exchange.
I decided to create a transaction using 200 steem which was converted for 0.00396153btc with a fee of 0.00050447btc which is equivalent to $27.39 and the transaction fee was $4.6.
Note exchange rate may vary due to constant fluctuation in currency price.
For a starting exchange company that actually need to survive in the competitive market I would say the rate at which fee for conducting transaction are been charged are not attractive and this might lead to having limited users in the platform.
Since there are other exchange platform that offer little charges for making transaction, it all about scale of preference and this are what user are looking for.

Aside the platform transaction fee I would say all other integrated features on steemscan are absolutely awesome.
It has a very good and easy user interface very easy to navigate and play around with, making conversion are just few click with well organized step interestinly user need no KYC to make transaction I find this very conviniente.
Support night mode and Dapp smart contract an open forum for developers to add interesting features the platform which I believe with time new interesting features will be introduce to enhance the platform performance. Transaction block are show these is to increase the platform transparency and user confidence about the authenticity of all transaction conducted directly on the platform.
In conclusion I would say steemscan is an amazing exchange platform that will strike the market with lot of interesting features that are yet to be introduced in the platform.
I would only make a suggestion, to see the transaction system especially exchange charges are looked into and adjust.

Pros of steemscan

  1. It offers fast transaction speed
  2. Transparency in block transaction which are show daily on the platform.
  3. A forum for developers to add interesting features to the platform
  4. Support Dapp
  5. KYC system not applicable
  6. good user interface

Cons of steemscan

  1. High transaction fee
  2. Limited exchange currency only 3, to attract more users other crypto coins need to be added on the platform.
  3. Customer support not available newbie might need quick guide and assistance directly on the platform live chat would be of great benefit.
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Dear @mccoy02

I appreciate your feedback. I can only hope that team behind will read it and find value in your comment.

Have a great monday,
Yours, Piotr

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