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RE: PROJECT.HOPE curation trail on both chains: STEEM and new HIVE

in Project HOPElast year

Glad to see the optimism here... I am very busy to follow things on HIVE ot steem and when I try to...either something or other does not function. For instance for 2 days I am not able to open steempeak and before that I was not able to post on peakhk... from being a involved steem community member when the dramas happened, back to square 1 on figuring out things.

Hope I do it...I don't know for instance where I can trade HIVE tokens yet...have to sit down and read...

but project.hope is helping me, else I won;t be getting the votes and cryptos I am getting(: ... if it were not for project.hope, won't have any chance for getting my content read by more and voted and all...

Thanks for your support. I would have delegated all that Steem there, but I want to sell them myself, not much money about... I think I will be putting content in HIVE and grow there and exit from Steem...

Atleast I can have complete social distancing from any Justin Sun association(: ...peaceful...

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