Steemit Tron Integration Celebration Challenge|My Participation|8-December-2020

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Hello and greetings to Everyone

Today im gonna post my ssecond entry for steemit tron integration celebration challenge given by @steemitblog
Today i will cover some important points related this challenge.
So lets start


It is probably one of the best things to happen in 2020.
As 2020 is about to end so it this is the perfect news to end a shocking 2020.

What do you think of the integration of Steemit and the TRON ecosystem?

★ Steemit's integration with tron is beneficial for both platform and this step will encourage more people to join steemit and earn much more than before.Alot of people who had left steemit few years ago are now joining steemit again.

★This integraton of Steemit with TRX is mainly for the benefit of its current users because if current users are happy with this platform they will surely promote this platform and spread the news among people.So Overall its a great news.

Adding TRX to the reward system

★ This is one of the best things i have liked about this integration because it will not only encourage people to join steemit but it will also encourage the current users to be active and keep posting quality content on steemit.
And Trx will be given on 100% powered up posts as well so the future is bright.

Spreading This News

★I will also try to spread this news among all my friends as they all are young and everyone is looking for some platform to where they could earn something for their selves and most of my friends are in the field of IT and science so i will try to convince them to join steemit.
And will also share it on some of my social media accounts like facebook,whatsapp,twitter on these social media platform i have alot of friends so i will share this news on my social media accounts so apart from my friends other people could also see this news.

★ I have not earned enough with tron right now as its value is very low but it has a great future ahead and for my future i have decided that i will try to invest all my tron earning in other crypto currencies and i will use all my steemit earning for household purposes.Im looking to be an active member on this and continue on steemit with my business as well.

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Thank you for taking part in the TRON and Steemit Integration Celebration Challenge.

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