Can Artificial Intelligence Do Things That Require Creativity?


In recent years, I have been closely interested in artificial intelligence to use for marketing purposes. This effort fueled my interest in science fiction, and I began to write science fiction stories and novels. In July 2016, my novel Ogox, about androids ' struggle to have equal rights with humans, was published. In this article, I will also discuss what artificial intelligence can do in areas that require creativity. I think it will be appropriate to start with advertising sector applications, which are among the first areas that come to mind when it comes to creativity. The first example is Inspirbot, which produces inspiring posters. As you will see when you try, you offer neither a picture nor a concise word to the app. He does all the work on his own. Because the algorithm does not exert any logical, ethical control over the results, you may encounter strange results.

The second example is again from a system produced for use in the advertising sector. I think someone wanted to save the advertising industry from fees for celebrities to use their names and images. As you can see in the video here, the app creates new virtual celebrity pictures using pictures of celebrities. The images produced are very realistic; if you don't know that the algorithm produces them, you may think you face pictures of real celebrities that you do not know.


The next example is an app that imitates new-age writers who earn easy money by scattering spiritual pearls. It is a pleasant study that emphasized the meaninglessness of clichéd expressions that seemed to make sense. I recommend you to try out. When you click the "REIONIZE ELECTRONS" button at the top, it produces "inspiring" new-age texts for you.

One of the most important areas where creativity finds reflection is music. An artificial intelligence app called Deepbach listened to Bach compositions and made a new Bach composition its own way. I don't know much about music, so I don't know if it looks like Bach music, but I think it's not bad. An artificial intelligence called Deep Dream, developed by Google imitates various artists' styles and makes paintings. You can access the app here. Again, Microsoft recently announced that it had developed an artificial intelligence program that can draw from text-based recipes.


It's possible to replicate the samples. Efforts are being carried out around the world to use artificial intelligence in creative work. Can these applications be considered examples of creativity? It's a topic worth discussing. In the studies I have given above, various artificial intelligence algorithms are used, and we owe the creation of such works to a new artificial intelligence method found in 2014. Generative Adversarial Networks (Gan) is a class of artificial intelligence algorithms implemented by two neural network systems competing against each other in a zero-sum game framework. This technique, introduced by Ian Goodfellow and his colleagues, allows the creation of paintings with many realistic features. The system works on producing candidate images of one artificial neural network and evaluating the produced images of the other.

Is real creativity to bring out an original style, or is it to use a new context style? It seems more valuable to me to create a style that doesn't exist.

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