What Should I Write Today?


Finding the answer to the question What should I write today? is as important as What should I cook today? If you write regularly, you have to find at least one topic every day.

Before deciding what to write, you need to determine what topics to talk about in general. If people know what you're writing in a general sense, readers will be more interested in your writing. If the topics you write can be easily expressed in a sentence, it will be easier for your account to be accepted by readers. Every account opened on Steemit has a kind of promise to readers, followers. In marketing jargon, this promise is called a 'value proposition.' The clearer and easier to understand, the better.

In Steemit, posts are organized and presented through communities and tags. Therefore, Steemit's nature is to organize and present information according to the interests. If you haven't decided on your focus yet, you can take advantage of the types of content and tags that communities demand.

Don't force yourself to be "cool" about what you're going to write. Don't make assumptions about what readers might like. Write about whatever topic you know best and like to write about, talk about. A person learns while writing. Writing about your professional occupation may make sense in this respect.

While it makes sense to focus on a particular main topic, make sure enough people are interested in areas called "niche" in marketing jargon.

I advise you to avoid issues such as religious faith, politics that polarize people. If you love polemics and excitement, of course, you can try.

Although focusing on specific issues in your articles is the right strategy, exceptions are always possible. For my part, the number of topics I write about in Steemit, where I join in publishing my science fiction stories, is growing every day.

I learned from my Twitter experience that discussing current topics increase the chances of success of shared content. It may be a good idea to write articles about the meaning and importance of the day. Writing about the issues on the agenda may also be an option.

You can also decide which topic to write about based on the reactions you get to your articles on different topics. It may be a good strategy to turn to whatever topic is of more interest. You can regard each article as an experiment in which you will study the results. You can also learn from what others have written by reviewing the trending and hot tabs.


Below is a list of interesting topics that I have created due to my research on the internet and my observations in Steemit.

Blockchain Projects, Cryptocurrencies, Tokens

Now that crypto prices are rising, the majority (including me) want to know more about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. New projects, developments in existing projects, results of personally experienced investments are among the topics of interest.

Latest News About The Ecosystem

Steem has a wide application and token ecosystem, and there are many important developments in this ecosystem almost every day. It might be a good idea to talk about these developments. At least I would like to read.


Introduce Someone

This is my cat, Silver. Silver now has 3 Cubs. We haven't put their names in yet; introductions like this can be pleasant. You can also write about artists, business people, athletes, and writers you admire.


A comparative introduction attracts much more attention than a singular introduction. You can compare specific cryptos, movies, and books just as you compare specific products.

Video or Podcast

We've always talked about writing, but you can share a video or audio recording that you make with people. If your physical appearance and tone are beautiful, these options may stand out more.


Creating resources that will be neatly used on a particular topic can be useful for creating those resources from scratch. Therefore, you can write compilation articles consisting of a lot of links.

Thanks for reading.

Image Sources: https://canva.com/ and https://pixabay.com/


Yeah it's important that you keep the audience in mind while writing. If the article makes sense to only you then there's a problem. Nice read